Saturday, March 26, 2005

Can Raed Jarrar Sink Any Lower?

Well, yes Raed can, but he's near bottom with his posting criticizing an American Soldier for adopting a mentally and physically handicapped Iraqi child:

I watch GMA most days now...

Was Desperate America Housewives not available?

after the Saudi Channels started broadcasting some "important" US shows live to us middle easterners.

Would that be the WBN, Raed? The Wahabbi Broadcasting Network. I bet those Saudi
Stations are very sympathetic to the US.

On GMA Yesterday, we enjoyed the story of
a US soldier that went back to Iraq to adopt
a mentally/physically challenged kid called

And you have a problem with this Raed? Don't
you think that's a good thing, giving the Iraqi child a chance at a better future?

Charlie Gibson was asking the 10 year old kid:

*Do you like America?
*Do u like the life here?
Do you go to school?

Then Gibson turned to the soldier and said: "Hey! his english is really good!!"
What the hell?!

For Pete's sakes, Raed, Gibson is a vapid journalist/interviewer. A dim-bulbed
talking head. What exactly did you expect?
And making fun of the child's speech! I
mean really, Raed.

The US soldier, who came in his official uniform, is a sorry attempt of the US adminstration to enhance the image of the US army.

Well help spruce up that image, Raed, lend him one of your family's three Mercedes.

Why didn't the soldier tell us how many parents he killed in Iraq? Or how many houses he destroyed?

Not as many as the terrorist insurgents you show sympathy for have likely killed and destroyed.

This is his real job, right?

His real job Raed is to win wars and target/destroy/eliminate enemy forces.
At times, civilians and their property
are adversely affected, but unlike
the terrorist insurgents, American
Soldiers don't indiscriminately
target civilians or wage war on
them at all.

But the best part of the interview was the part where the humane US soldier tells us exactly why he chose Alaa-Addin in Particular.

please listen carefully:

"Both Alaa and I are devout christians"

So Raed, you have a problem with devout Christians now. Join al-Muqti's Brigade why don't you.

Raed was last seen crashing through the Gates of Hell screaming, "Take me Satan, I'm yours. . ."

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