Sunday, March 06, 2005

Big Pharaoh: "Somebody Hit Me Now!"

GM over at Big Pharaoh grabbed a newspaper from the newsstand and couldn't believe what he was he saw on the front page.
Someone hit me now. Someone punch me in the face because I still cannot believe what I read today on the front page of Al Ahram newspaper. They published a picture of an Iraqi man rescuing a young girl right after a motorcycle suicide bombing in Iraq. The caption under the photo went like this: Iraqi man helps young girl after a terrorist attack in Azamiyah in Iraq.

My jaws dropped when I read this caption. This is the FIRST time Al Ahram, Egypt’s largest newspaper, uses the word terrorist to describe an attack on Iraqi civilians in Iraq!!! It never happened before. Such attacks were simply described as “bombings” without the word “terrorist”.


How do YOU feel when you lose something?

Does it make any difference who a reporter talks to for sources?


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