Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Six Times

Six times!

Did you hear me?

Six times!

That's how many times my head spun around while reading Faiza Jarrar's latest blog entry.

We have two blogging families in the Iraqi Blogosphere, the Fadhils and the Jarrars.

Man, talk about contrast.

Reading the Jarrars is like living in Mayberry, but with THE MUNSTERS!

I'll get into the details later. My soup is getting cold right now. While I'm eating, you can read Faiza's post and count how many times your own head spins. Believe me, it's a wild ride. Maybe it's her homage to Hunter S. Thompson?

Whaddaya think?


Oh yeah, THANKS so much to Mister Ghost and CMAR II for joining me here at Iraqi Bloggers Central. You guys are doing a great job!


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