Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sam Jumps The Gun A Little Bit On The Next Iraqi PM

Sam at Hammorabi jumps the gun a little bit as to the
identity of the next Iraqi PM:

Ibrahem Al Jaafari is the next PM of Iraq

After the withdrawal of Ahmed Chalabi IJ become the nominated candidate for the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA) to be the first elected PM for the next 10 months before the general election.

Difficult tasks are awaiting the new government and on the top of them are the security issue but not less than that is the reconstruction. President Bush in his visit to Europe today was successful in getting NATO's involvement in training the Iraqi forces and police. In deed it is better for Iraq to be somehow part of the NATO in future.

Jaafari should not think twice about justice and punishment for all terrorists. They should be crushed fully. Immediate trial for the dictator and his thugs should start sooner. . .

DEBKA counters:
Iraq’s main Shiite alliance chooses Ibrahim al-Jaafari, vice president and leader of Daawa party, its nominee for prime minister. DEBKAfile adds: Two-thirds national assembly majority required for Jaafari to replace Iyad Allawi as prime minister. Both bidding for Kurdish support.

So, Allawi could still sneak in there. Highly doubtful, but in Mideast Politics nothing can be taken for granted.

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