Friday, February 11, 2005

Salam Pax Hunting

Salam Pax, one-time blogger and now a Man with a Camera, sits down for a moment from his hectic globetrotting to be interviewed. (Hat tip: Emigre)
CL: What I notice is that 'trust' is a difficult point for Iraqis.

SP: The thing is that 30 or 35 years of a certain way of life is going to be very difficult to change. I mean, take my generation, take the people who are a bit younger than I am, and a bit older. We all lived through this sort of culture; this is how we learned to live. And knocking us out of that hole we are in is going to take time and effort. I don't really think we have... The doors are now open, the question is, are people going in there? Are people asking questions? Are people interested? I am not really sure the whole society is. Because what I see now is people taking down Saddams' picture, and putting up some ayatollahs picture. This is not questioning. This is following again. This worries me. While the doors are now open why don't you ask questions. Find things out for yourself. So you kind of need to go through a whole process of learning all this. It is not going to happen suddenly. It is a bit depressing. It is sad that we cannot suddenly go and kind of do things on our own. And that we have to follow even more. But on the other side, there is a section of society; they are young, look for example at Iraqi bloggers. There is an interesting discussion happening over there. It involves all sides, and not everybody likes anyone else, but it is kind of learning to talk. You have to express yourself. Your ideas, not with your fist, but through language, through expression. Now if we can kind of bring down this discussion from the Internet, from cyber world, into the people ... that is great, that is exactly what we need. We need to listen to the points of views we don't like and listen to them. This is what is happening on-line.


Riverbend has a new entry up. I think one line will suffice.
Most of our acquaintances (Sunni and Shia) didn’t vote.
Hey Riverbend, tell us something we DON'T know, okay?

Yeah, I have a feeling that the Ba'athists were NOT well represented at the polling booth. What a shame, huh?


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