Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ripped Blue Jeans and Tennies

Omar has written a great post on the power of pajamas, so I thought I would tell everyone what I wear when I'm blogging. Instead of pajamas, I wear this old, old pair of blue jeans that are busted out at the knees and the crotch and part of the rear. They are very comfortable (and breezy) but, as you can imagine, I can only wear them at home. If I wore them outside, I would probably be arrested for indecency. Do you remember those blue jeans Neil Young used to wear (circa "After the Gold Rush")? They look like those, except mine do not have the embroidered patches, just frayed rips. And then a light cotton T-shirt and on my feet basic old-fashioned tennis shoes. After teaching all day, I jump into my jeans, fire up the computer, and start my snooping around the blogosphere.

Like Omar, I too am exhausted from the mad run-up to the Iraqi elections. The elections, for me as a friend of the Iraqis, were a amazing success. Over 8 million Iraqis voted! Let Raed Jarrar suck on that!

Faiza Jarrar has written a very even-handed entry on the elections. As I have said more than once, Faiza may be conflicted but I trust her response more than Raed's and Khalid's.

Sad. Sad. Sad. Last night I ran into one of my colleagues at university who asked me what I thought about him showing Fahrenheit 9-11 to his students. A joke, right? Nope. Can you imagine? 8 million Iraqis just voted for the first time in their lives and this numbskull wants to show his students Michael Moore's kite-flying flick?!

And stand by. Soon, if we can get the technical details fixed, Mister Ghost will co-blog here with me. You all know the two-time Zing!Zing!Zing! Award Winner, right? He's very good.


Do you guys remember CBFTW's "My War" blog? It was really good and then it got shut down. I started linking to it early on and was saddened to see it mothballed. I stop by today and learn that Colby Buzzell has a book deal and a chapter of the book is in the latest Esquire! Here's the the press release CB clipped onto his blog:
NEW YORK, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- G.P. Putnam's Sons is publishing the personal experiences of twenty-eight-year-old U.S. Army soldier Colby Buzzell. His book, My War, will offer uncensored stories that bring home the chilling realities of war. Buzzell's incisive reportage and brutally honest take on the war were first filed as entries in a web log, My War, that he created as a way to tell the world about what was really happening in Iraq. Buzzell's book will delve further into his personal experiences as a 20-something soldier in the line of fire.
Putnam will publish the book in hardcover in fall 2005, with a paperback edition to be published by Berkley in 2006.

Before enlisting in the Army at age twenty-six, Colby Buzzell (now twenty-eight) was living in California, jumping from one low-paying job to the next. He joined the military because he was "sick of living my life in oblivion." After he was deployed to Iraq, he quickly discovered that his life would never be the same again. On the ground near Mosul with First Battalion, 23rd Regiment, toting heavy weaponry amidst "guerilla warfare, urban-style," Buzzell was disturbed by how the war he was fighting was being reported - both by major news agencies and soldier-written blogs. In June 2004, Buzzell started his own blog, My War, and it offers a glimpse of his innate ability to chronicle the essence of war and its powerful impact on him and the world.

Mr. Highfill commented, "My War is already being compared by some early readers to the classics of combat and youth ... Heller's Catch-22 and Herr's Dispatches."


The paperback edition of David Zucchino's Thunder Run is out now and I read it over the weekend. Zucchino offers the reader a amazingly detailed account of the April 5 and April 7 thunder runs. Those who talk of "cakewalk" should be required to read this book, along with Evan Wright's Generation Kill.


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