Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Response to Harriri's Death

Sandmonkey has written a very good post in response to Rafik Harriri's death.
I don't care what anyone says or about the crazy talk dejour that will involve some sort of Americans/israeli/zionist/imperialist conspiracy theory to create a wedge between the arabs and divide them.Hell, Iran already blamed Israel. This is simply bullshit. The arabs are divided as it is and no one needed to create a wedge between lebanon and syria. Ask any lebanese person and he will tell you that he wants the syrians out. If living in the middle-east has taught me anything it's that things are never that complicated. Any story that involves an explanation longer then 2 sentences is probably bullshit or an excuse to hide or cover -up a screw-up of some sort. There is no unknown terrorist group behind it; there is no american/ israeli conspiracy. The syrians did it, cause the man was leading the opposition to get them out. One sentence. End of story. Thank you very much.

Now, all that we can hope for, is that the man's death doesn't end in vain. Let's hope the lebanese opposition takes the opprutunity and the momentum and starts a movement to get the syrians out, hopefully with the increased pressure and support of the Bush adminstration. Let's all hope for a free lebanon and for the syrian baathist bastards to get the hell out. That was Rafik Harriri's goal and dream. Let's hope it also becomes his legacy.
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GM at Big Pharaoh grabs a copy of Al-Ahram off the newsstand and checks out the order of stories on the front page.
I have a lovely habit. Every morning I pick up my Al Ahram paper, the number one paper in Egypt, to see how they prioritize their headlines on the front page. This tends to give me an indication of what the paper wants to convey as "important" and as "not very important".

The major headline today went to the security conference in Germany! (did anyone hear about it??). Then a headline a little bit underneath announcing the score of a major soccer game yesterday. Underneath was a headline announcing that Israel will withdraw from Jericho during this week. At the bottom of the page I read the headline about Iraq's election results.

Ummmmm, very interesting. My dear government financed daily newspaper thinks that the security conference in Germany, the soccer game, and Israel's decision to withdraw from ONE Palestinian town is more important than the results of the elections that rocked the world.


Our old friend Firas Georges writes about voting on January 30, 2005. Compare the courage of Firas Georges with the "insurgent"-supporting Raed and Khalid Jarrar and you'll know immediately who is a real Iraqi Patriot.
Sunday the 30th Jan 2005. Finally the day………I woke up on the sounds of far away mortars, but I put my clothes on, and took my morning tea and went to the expected voting center alone to vote, I thought it will not be safe to take my wife with me, at least in the morning. It was 9.30 AM and it was closed, I didn’t understand why, when I asked the gathered people there I was told it was moved to another school (which was even closer to my house) I went to my parent in law house and we took our morning coffee and later I went to the voting center which was very very crowded with people, old, young, high educated, low educated, men, women and there I saw the very old lady who came with her family, two of them helping her to walk and a third with a chare to let her sit down when she’s tired, and for the first time I saw the Iraqis stand in a very ordered line waiting for the center employees to complete moving in. at about 10.30 AM, voting started and we went in, to face the biggest problem which was many of us had no names registered, at then we told the center head employee to do something, we are Iraqis with documentation and we expected to go where we registered but the streets are closed and according to the procedure of painting the right pointer finger we want to vote, otherwise we are going to press charges against him, and for me if they were not going to let me vote I was to write the number of candidate list I am intending to vote to on a piece of paper and put it in the box and press charges against him, That’s what I told the man exactly and many people agreed on what I said. So the man went to phone his superiors and came back after few minutes to tell us we have to show any Iraqi documentation and vote after painting our pointer finger with ink, and we all did with pride, it was a celebrating day that many of us will remember for years to come.


Later about 1.30 PM I took my wife and daughter to let my wife vote too and the center was less crowded and things went easy and nice. Cars were not allowed, so and because it was our first time to take a walk after five years since my wife was pregnant, we continued walking to the close shop and it took us 45 minutes. After we came back to pass the voting center to our house we were shocked to see hundreds and hundreds of people walking miles to come to that same center to vote, sure it was unexpected number of people, and we could feel easily that they were happy to do so.


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