Monday, February 21, 2005

Peyamner Reports Osama bin Laden Has Been Captured by Iranian Forces

Peyamner reported Saturday that a member of the "American Security" informed them that Osama bin Laden is currently under guard in the Baluchistan region of SE Iran.

According to this source, he was captured three weeks ago while attempting to cross into Iran from the Vaziristan province of Pakistan. The Vaziris had begun to consider bin Laden's presence among them a burden after recent strikes against them by the Pakistan national army.

The source asserts that the Iranians are holding bin Laden as a potential barganing chip in its current talks with the US and Europeans.

Thanks to Medya for translating this for me.

According to Medya, bin Laden might have believed that he would receive safe haven in Baluchistan since the Baluch's are Sunni Muslims like him. They might have expected him to be as hostile to the Iranian Shi'a leadership as they are.


The Iranian goverment is denying that they have arrested bin Laden.
"This information is wrong and bin Laden has not been arrested by our security forces," government spokesman Abdollah Ramezanzadeh said at a weekly press briefing.
(from Drudge)

Of course this is not a denial that bin Laden is in Iran or even that they have him under guard.

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