Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lebanese Protest Leader Credits Iraq Liberation With The Power Of His Movement

Faiza doesn't seem to have any problem with Syria occupying Lebanon now going on two decades with no timetable for withdrawal.

In this column, David Ingnatius is on the ground in Lebanon with the protestors in Beirut:
The leader of this Lebanese intifada is Walid Jumblatt, the patriarch of the Druze Muslim community and, until recently, a man who accommodated Syria's occupation. But something snapped for Jumblatt last year, when the Syrians overruled the Lebanese constitution and forced the reelection of their front man in Lebanon, President Emile Lahoud. The old slogans about Arab nationalism turned to ashes in Jumblatt's mouth, and he and Hariri openly began to defy Damascus.
"It's strange for me to say it, but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq," explains Jumblatt. "I was cynical about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, 8 million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world." Jumblatt says this spark of democratic revolt is spreading. "The Syrian people, the Egyptian people, all say that something is changing. The Berlin Wall has fallen. We can see it."
YIKES! Oh nevermind, for a second there I thought Paul Wolfowitz was standing behind me.

(I have GOT to stop doing this!)

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