Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ladybird Is On Fire

Ladybird at Baghdad Dweller calls for the banning of Barbaric Shia Rituals:

For more than thousand year ago and Shia keeping this barbaric rituals, torturing their bodies, wounding themselves and forcing their children to participate.
What is the role of their religion leaders?, Al-Sistani, Al-Hakim and the others if not forbidding this? while they don’t do it themselves, in Lebanon Shia leaders “Hizb Alaah” Banned this bloody rituals, this the time for the Shia leaders in Iraq to do the same.
Is this the image Shia wants to show the whole world about their believes? If they are so keen about bloodshed why they don’t fight against the terrorist in Rumadi and Fallujha? At least they will get the real martyrdom or the blood will shed for a real cause."

Ladybird also delves into the more comedic aspects of Porn Channels and Al Jazeera available for the same fee on Netherland's Digital TV. Check the Sweet Lady out. . .

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