Monday, February 21, 2005

Khalid Jarrar Reveals That He is Pro-Occupation

(I'm posting this in thanks to Jeffrey for offering me a resort for sporatic OCB (obsessive-compulsive blogging)

In his most recent post Khalid Jarrar spins his own explanation for the massive turn-out of Iraqis risking murder to purple their fingers and cast their votes:

I wrote,and others wrote about the elections being a fraud, and I still believe in that, and that they are nothing but an American step to legitimize the occupation, and we all talked about the reasons that make us think that, but wait a moment, why did Iraqis go to vote then? Why did they buy the tickets of this theatre, that coasted many lives, and risked all the lives of the ones that voted? A tricky one, ha? [...] All voters had two main goals, that they were hoping to have by voting... to get the basic life needs of water and electricity etc etc.. And the second, and more important reason is, to get the occupation out!

Ah! Interesting! So the massive turn-out was an "anti-Occupation" demonstration!

In that case, those that boycotted the elections must have been FOR the Occupation.

Welcome to the ranks of the pro-Occupiers, Khalid!

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