Friday, February 04, 2005

Khalid Adjusts Tin-Foil Hat for Better Reception

Since January 30 when millions of Iraqis went out to vote and later shook their ink-stained fingers in the faces of the terrorists, Riverbend and the Jarrar family have been either incommunicado or spouting nonsense.

Khalid, his tin-foil hat adjusted for maximum loony reception, now believes that the decrease in IED explosions is because the American military was responsible for planting them in the first place. You think I'm kidding?
something fishy is hapening in Baghdad..
since the day after the day of the elections, Baghdad became damn silent!
my ears are about to hurt me, no explosions at all!
i ALL!
so: Life of Iraqis have defenately improved because of the elections.
wait a second...
now, couldn't this be exactly what "they" want us to think?
which brings back the supposadly naive issue back to the surface: is it possible that the American themselves are making all the explosions? at least the car bombs inside the city?

According to Khalid, the Americans have been planting IEDs since April 9, 2003, and blowing up their own soldiers at a steady rate so that on the day after the January 30 election they could stop planting and triggering them and thereby persuade the international audience that the situation in Iraq had suddenly improved. Khalid goes on to indicate that he is not the only person wearing a TIN-FOIL HAT.
who thinks that the American are responsible for these actions?
you would be amazed of the percentage of people that do!
in so many occasions, when a car bomb explodes, you find an eye witness telling you that he saw an American helicopter launching a missile towards a car in the street, i talked to one of those eye witnesses myself right after one of the car bombs exploded.

Wearing a tin-foil hat in the Arab Parallel Universe is a burden that cannot be lifted by recourse to any currently known species of reasoning.


In the Arab Parallel Universe, you can be PRESIDENT FOR LIFE. No, in the APU, that is not an oxymoron. Omar over at Iraq the Model includes an article sent by a Syrian friend on the recent "election" of Assad.
Assad in a televised address this Tuesday said that he wished to thank the Syrian people “from the bottom of my heart” for their support and continued faith in his Baathist regime, cryptically concluding that “While I may not be able to thank each and every one of you who voted for me… rest assured, someone on my behalf will be paying a visit for those of you who did not.” !


Sitting in over at Michael Totten's place, Jeremy Brown notes the consternation rippling through the Media Elite after they "somehow" missed the desire for democracy among the Iraqi people. Jeez, how did they miss that?


In a thoughtful blog entry, GM at Big Pharaoh argues why -- correctly, in my view -- Egypt is not ready for democracy yet and why Iraq is.


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