Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hello Everybody, I'm Mister Ghost And You're Not

And that may be fortunate for you. I want to thank Professor Jeff for the opportunity to post on his fine blog, as I appreciate any bit of positive tidings these days after undergoing a miasma of death the last two to three years.

My Uncle and his wife died, my Foster Sister began her eternal sleep, My Mother moved on to the Home of the Angels, a cousin or two fielded their last breaths, and my Great Aunt Carmalina took her Italian culinary skills to the other plane.
One cat took the big kitty walk, and one of my favorite pets, Loveable but Dumb Jasper the Cat
got hit by a car. And Lucky Me had the fortune of finding his lifeless body.

Oh yeah, and my pacemaker died and the doctor told me I wouldn't survive the weekend. But here I am still amongst the living, because where there's life, there's hope.

And that applies to both our Iraqi friends and I.

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