Saturday, February 26, 2005

From A Stinky Fish To Drinks With A Corpse And A Whole Lot in Between


MAAS, The Flower Of Mosul sees a stinky fish up close after crying about Fallujah and visiting Syria.

Kurdo is going great guns over U.S. Soldiers allegedly misbehaving at the Mazi Supermarket, Iraqi Kurdistan's largest version of a Superstore. According to the Jemaware Kurdish newspaper that Kurdo is citing, the soldiers wanted a refund for a month-old copier they had purchased there. When the store offered to repair it, not refund it, the soldier's commander ordered his men to break open the safe, from which they stole money, and then they headed back to Mosul... Hmmmm! I don't know?

Riverbend spoke to her outdoor neighborhood grocer, and I know this will come as a shock, Iraq is going to be turned into Iran, is what she told him. The poor Iraqi women are going to be subjugated and sublimated. And wither the Kurdish women of Iraq, Riverbend?

Promising Iraqi Blogger, A Free Writer is asking for help and donations for the Thalassemia Society in Ninavah (Ninevah) which aids Iraqis affected by blood disorders and diseases. He also gives praise to Fayrouz for her "Building Bridges post, and talks about UFOs and the Tsunami (scroll down). Check him out.

Father of Najma, Dr. Truth Teller from Mosul is passing kidney stones right and left these days and discusses the nature of the disorder and its genesis in the Iraq - Iran War, where he was a medical officer.

HNKdaughter of Dr. Truth Teller is sick, perhaps caused by her flooded-out, dilapidated school, which reminds me of a condemned, abandoned Haunted House I once explored. . .

A car ran over Baghdad Girl's foot but apparently the injury was minor. Check out the Cat Blogger's latest batch of cute felines.

Emigre and Rich Santer have a minor screamfest. . .

And oh yeah, Hunter S. Thompson's lovely young wife -- Dr Gonzo was marrying them young in the end -- has drinks with his corpse. Hope she at least tidied up the bullet holes. Heh!

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