Friday, February 18, 2005

All Heck Is Breaking Loose

Next to Iraq in Syria.

has gone Multiple Info Crazy:

DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources report: Syrian forces have begun distributing first 10,000 side-arms to 1.4 million Syrian workers in Lebanon and local pro-Damascus factions.
They acted after Lebanese opposition declared “democratic uprising for independence,” demanding pro-Damascus government resign, Syrians leave and UN probe Hariri assassination.
DEBKAfile adds: Druse leader Jumblatt heads initiative backed by all Christian factions, most Sunni Muslims and Shiite elements. Anti-government rally in Shiite Baalbek Saturday. These rival Lebanese factions unite for first time for unprecedented civil uprising in Arab world. Pro-Syrian tourism minister steps down.

US, French and Israeli intelligence have solid evidence that Syrian military intelligence orchestrated Hariri assassination. Earlier, Syrian president fired service chief Gen. Hassan Khalil, replaced him with own brother-in-law Gen. Asaf Shuwkat.

Meamwhile, we learn via Rantburg that Syria has replaced its Intelligence Chief. The conjecture is he initiated the Hariri assassination and miscalculated the blowback effect that its perpetration has ensued.

And of course, the Mad Mullahs of Iran wouldn't be the Mad Mullahs of Iran without sticking their heads in the sand and shooting themselves in the ass, as they've pledged their support for their fellow rogue terrorist state Syria. Birds of fluttering feathers, flock together. And then crash into the great refuse heap of History. Suckers!

The Great Wretchard from the Belmont Club is excerpting a Fouad Ajami article on Syrian injustices and American inaction:

the Syrian arsonists had come to be seen as the fire brigade of a volatile Lebanese polity. A generation ago, the Pax Americana averted its gaze from the Syrian destruction of the last vestige of Lebanon's independence: In 1990-91, America had acquiesced when the Syrians put down the rebellion of a patriotic Lebanese officer, Michel Aoun, whose cause represented the devotion of the Christian Maronites to the ancestral independence of their country. That was the price paid by President George Herbert Walker Bush for enlisting Syria in the coalition that waged war against Saddam Hussein for his grab of Kuwait. Pity the Lebanese: They had cedars, Kuwait had oil. We would restore Kuwait's sovereignty as we consigned the Lebanese to their terrible fate in that big Syrian prison.

Will the Lebanese toss the Syrians and their troops out of Lebanon? We hope so.
A united Lebanon and its people is another step forward for Democracy in the Middle East.

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