Thursday, January 13, 2005

Saudis are Beverly Hillbillies

Husayn views Saudis as lazy, vengeful Bedouins who just happened to be living on top of a "pot of gold."
I must also finish by noting that noone in the Arab world respects the Saudis. We see them as a bunch of bedouins who were fortuante to live on top of oil. I believe in America there was a TV show, Beverly Hillbillies, this is how we see them. They treat everyone who is not Saudi bad, including other Arabs. They think they are the best Muslims, and they are lazy.

One of my brothers-in-law is a chemical engineer from Nigeria. He has traveled to many countries to inspect oil refineries. He told me recently that if the foreign workers left the refineries and pumping stations in Saudi Arabia, everything would grind to a halt because the Saudis don't know how to run the complexes and because they're extremely lazy.


Steven Vincent tugs on the Gray Lady's beard.
After a throat-clearing opening paragraph, yesterday's New York Times editorial--entitled "Facing Facts About Iraq's Elections"--got to the point:

It's time to talk about postponing the elections.

The Gray Lady's pronouncement--delivered with the gravity of a principle calling the parents of a disobedient child failing in school--is in keeping with the paper's disapproving attitude toward the war, which in turn reflects the prevailing opinion of northeastern liberal elites, including the CIA, State Department and other "realist" critics of neo-conservative idealism. The editorial, in short, represents the reasonable, cautious, non-ideological side of American foreign policy--the side Europeans prefer--which, while not entirely wrong, is dangerously misguided when it comes to the January 30th elections and, more importantly, the nature of the Sunni "insurgency" that threatens them.
As I've argued many times before, the Sunni counter-liberation is not based in a clear-eyed assessment of needs, goals or realistic objectives: rather, driven by fear, tribalism and grandiosity, it is a plunge into the suicidal vortex of the shame-honor dynamic, increasingly fueled by religious fantasy. And while not all Sunnis are infected with this malignant narcissism, the more radical leaders are--and these men will never negotiate, never surrender and never allow their fellow Sunnis to submit to a Shia-dominated government no matter how many postponements of elections take place. For their own precious honor--and that of their families, clans and tribes--they would rather kill and be killed. If they can't run Iraq--then Iraq will cease to exist.


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