Monday, January 31, 2005

MoJo J. Sandmonkey Goes Super-Aggro Upside Raed's Head!

Mr. MoJo Sandmonkey, distant relation of Harvard-educated Nim Chimpsky, the Famous Monkey Who Almost Spoke, ran into Raed Jarrar in a dark alley yesterday and used his Texas Chain Saw all over the surprised AK-dancing, Kaffiyah-headed Jarrar.
Raed, Habibi. You are on my shitlist forever. You can’t handle reality and you have no respect for the Iraqi people or their hopes and dreams, not to mention freedom. You actually called Saddam Hussein the “national leader” of Iraq at some point. You, my friend, disgust me! I am glad that the brave Iraqis ignored you and went and voted anyway. You are only happy when Iraqis are oppressed, so go rot in hell you saddam-loving scum.


Now, in the words of Dick Cheney, I say with all the love in my heart to you: Go Fuck yourself!


GM at Big Pharaoh passes along an interesting anecdote from a London polling station.
UPDATE: An Iraqi living in London wrote that he heard noices as he was casting his vote in a polling station in the United Kingdom. He turned around and saw Iraqi voters kicking Al Jazeera's crew out of the premise. The crew aparently came to cover the elections in this polling station. Upon seeing the channel's logo on the cameras, several Iraqis got angry and forced the crew to leave the area. He also said that he heard the same incident happen in Holland as well.

Oh dear, oh dear. Can anyone spell "blowback"?


Okay, we all know that Azzam Jarrar is a Palestinian Jordanian and Faiza is an Iraqi. I've always wondered if the Jarrar family was one of the thousands who were forced out of Kuwait after the war in 1991. I do know they arrived in Iraq that year. I've never yet gotten a straight answer from any of the Jarrars about this.

And what about Riverbend? Most of us have figured her family to be Ba'ath-connected and Big Losers when Saddam hightailed it out of Baghdad hiding in the back seat of a orange-fendered taxi.

On Zeyad's Healing Iraq comments pages, I came across a commenter who seems to have some new intel. Insider from Baghdad writes:
Riverbend is the eldest daughter of a Saddam-appointed ambassador, and a high ranking Ba'athist, to a western country during the eighties.

Raed Jarrar is the eldest son of a Palestinian refugee who was driven out of the Gulf after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, and granted asylum in Iraq by Saddam's regime.

Both persons do not count in this historic day and will instead make it to the dustbin of history.

Rachel, a Twit in London, asks Insider if he is Shia. Insider responds:
No I am a Sunni from the Zayuna district in Baghdad, originally from Mosul, and I personally know both the people I have mentioned.

And pray what does my sectarian/religious affiliation have to do with my information? Or is that how things work in your country? So you are Muslim, I take it Rachel?

Hey, if Riverbend or any of the Jarrars want to clear all of this up, my comments page is waiting. Help us out.


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