Sunday, January 23, 2005

Kurdo Measures the White Elephant in the Room

Kurdo asks in what Parallel Universe do people who kill innocent victims proclaim, "God is Great!"
Two innocents are being beheaded by Zarqawi's group in public, infront of a few open shops in an uknown location in Iraq.
(NOTE : WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK)Victim one seems to resist a bit, and victim two seems to be breathless when they are beheaded.

The terrorists shout "Allahu Akbar" when they kill these people. In what religion God says "Say my name when you kill innocents" ?!!

Or those suicide bombers who killed the innocents in the wedding party yesterday, do they really expect to go to Heaven after killing 20 or so innocents ?!

What makes someone beleive that if he kills innocent he goes to heaven and how long does it take to brainwash an idiot ?!


Hiwa at Kurdistan Bloggers Union gets ready to vote in England.
This is the first time in my life I trust Kurdish leaders while I am alive, so I WILL VOTE because I have to trust them!

I stayed over night in Manchester, to do my court work, meet with friends and for friday to go and register to vote! coincidently the friend I was visiting had a new friend who was a registration officer at the Mancherster election center, added to another friend who is also working there, we had two registration officers having dinner with us, so they told us so much about the work they do. Everything they were telling us, was either fun or joy, they were feeling so great about it.

They told us that the Kurds working there had forced the Arabs to remove the Baathist flag or they will not work, so they had removed the flag at the center placed by the Arab officers.


Sandmonkey reviews Zarqawi's latest audio offering and aims his steel-tipped boot squarely at the BALLS of the Jarrar family and Riverbend and the rest of the terrorist sympathizers who will be voting for Zarqawi as Morals Terror-Chief next Sunday.
Apparently Al-Zarqawi has been following the footsteps of his mentor Bin Ladin and released his own audiotape outlining his views. What are his views you may ask? Ehh, that democracy is evil and that participating in it makes you an Infidel.
And as for y'all insurgency supporters, please take a good look. This is what you are supporting! Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it?

Read the whole entry.


If anyone here wants to engage in a brass-knuckled debate with a journalist whose panties are seriously twisted, join me as I discuss the current state of journalism with Derek Rose.

Debate with Derek Rose, He Whose Panties are Mighty Snug.


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