Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqis' Historic Vote!

Husayn has already returned from the voting center.
I am happy to I am honored to report that I have cast my ballot in our election. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to have some control over the destiny of my nation, a feeling I have not known before! I was one of the first ones to report to our local voting station, and I placed my vote, my stained finger is proof (The authorities are using such a system to make sure people do not vote twice). I was not the only one to show up at the opening of the voting area, there were at least a dozen other Iraqis waiting to take part in this momentus event, and as I left, I saw tens more file in.


The turnout is looking very, very good!


Ali has returned from voting. Just a wonderful post today!
I entered the school and the supervisors showed me the way to were I should vote. They and the ING guys were so polite and gentle. I cast my vote and got out, not in a rush at all. This is my Eid and I felt like a king walking in his own kingdom. I saw the same look of confidence and satisfaction in the eyes of all people I met. As I left one of the gurads said to me as he handed me back my cellular phone,"God bless you and your beloved ones. We don't know how to thank you. Please excuse any inconvinience on our part. We wish we didn't have to search you or limit your freedom. You are heroes" I was struck with surprise and felt ashamed. This man was risking his life all these hours in what has become the ytmost target for all terrorists in Iraq and yet he's apologizing and calling us heroes. I thanked him back and told him that he and his comrads are the true heroes and that we can never be grateful enough for their services.


Mohammed and Omar have also voted.
No more confusion about what the people want, they have said their word and they said it loud and the world has got to respct and support the people's will.

God bless your brave steps sons of Iraq and God bless the defenders of freedom.

Aasha Al-Iraq….Aasha Al-Iraq….Aasha Al-Iraq.


Raed Jarrar (remember: Saddam, Mein Fuehrer!) is feeling VERY BAD today as millions of Iraqis are going to vote. Raed, spitting at the Iraqi people, predicts:
These elections will open the doors of hell.

Iraqis, do NOT forget who stood WITH you and who stood AGAINST you on this historic day.


Kat hands out REPORT CARDS to the networks.


Rose has voted. Check out this photo! V is for Victory!


Saddam WHO? Never heard of him.


Hammorabi Sam has returned from voting. Sam has been the most PASSIONATE Iraqi Patriot from the very beginning. This is a great day for him and all the wonderful Iraqi patriots we have come to know the last few years.
It is the birth of freedom and democracy in Iraq!

It is a great festival!

Today only we may announce the victory!

Today we hit back in the heart of the terrorists and the tyrants!

Today is the day in which the souls of our martyrs comforted!

Today those who were killed in Iraq or wounded among our friends from the USA and other allies, who helped us to reach this day, are with us again to inscribe their names with Gold for ever!

Today we challenged the killers and terrorists and foot on them with our shoes!


Husayn talks about the rest of his day after voting. He said he even convinced a few people who hadn't planned to vote to go ahead and vote.


Liminal joins Raed Jarrar and Riverbend in spitting on those Iraqis who voted.

Over on Christopher Allbritton's weblog, someone asked Chris if Iraqis give credit to the Coalition forces for helping them get to the point where they can hold elections. Liminal responds:
this iraqi doesn’t. historic elections? perhaps for the revisionist history writers in the pentagon, better known as the neocons. even though feith has resigned so that they can cover up the foul role of his and others in creating this mess, cambone is deep on the bench.

maybe in a hundred years iraq will have historic elections.

peace, liminal

Hey Liminal, sleep well tonight, okay? Ha ha.


Allbritton summarizes:
[T]he Iraqis won here and proved themselves—for a day, at least—stronger than the insurgency. And that's a very big symbolic victory. A huge one, in fact, and Iraqis should take great pride in themselves. When they had the opportunity, they stood up and were counted. The real losers were the Sunnis who didn't participate. They missed a golden opportunity to take part in a process that, while flawed, were the only game in town. I don't know what's going to happen next, and a civil war may still erupt, but if it does, the elected government—one elected by Shi'a and Kurds, for the most part—will have the moral high ground in it.



Raed Jarrar
Rachel, a Brit in London
Juan Cole
The Zogbys (again!)
Barbara Boxer
Jacques Chirac
Michael Moore
John Kerry (okay, now THAT's redundant)


more to come


Steven Vincent checks in on the Walking Wounded of the Left.
And what of our friends on the Left? I'm sorry they can't share in our joy--because there is no reason they should not. Alas, like the Muslim Scholars Association, they, too, decided to "boycott" the elections. For example, here is what the great lefty website Daily Kos had to say yesterday:

The war is long past lost. Time to pack it in, and save the lives of our men and women in uniform that will otherwise face a barrage of bullets and RPG rounds during their extended stay in the desert.

Clearly, Dean-shill Marko Zuniga has an odd perception of liberalism. On a day when millions of Iraqi citizens stood up against the specter of fascism to exercise their rights as free and dignified human beings, Zuniga claims the election is "simply an exercise in pretty pictures." Tell that to the Iraqis who danced and cried for joy at the chance to vote, Mr. Zuniga. Tell that to people who have suffered for decades under a tyrant whose crimes were brutal to the point of madness. Tell that to the men and women who died to make this day a reality.

Let me repeat that:
On a day when millions of Iraqi citizens stood up against the specter of fascism to exercise their rights as free and dignified human beings, Zuniga claims the election is "simply an exercise in pretty pictures." Tell that to the Iraqis who danced and cried for joy at the chance to vote, Mr. Zuniga.


Sandmonkey Blogger Central

Super-Sleuth MoJo J. (JoJo) Sandmonkey has uncovered State Secrets of the Oval Office.
Here comes a piece of news you don't hear everyday:

Apparently, Condi has a drag Queen cousin, who she is naturally ashamed of, yet manages to inform him(her) of all kinds of sexual details: Like, how she is really a lesbian, yet her and Bush are sexbuddies and not to mention the size of Bush's..ehh..package.


GM at Big Pharaoh, who has always stood with the Iraqi Patriots, gives them a BIG SHOUT-OUT today.
I have nothing else to say except that I feel very humbled for what millions of Iraqis did today. I bow in recognition for what happened today. I believe that not only us the non-Iraqi Arabs should learn from what Iraqis did, but all democracies around the world should look at Iraqis and learn something. All those who are taking their democracy and elections for granted should pause a little and learn. Behold a people who defied suicide bombers and mortar attacks and left their houses and went to the polling stations by the MILLIONS. Today I admit Iraqis are made of steel and I feel so proud of them and I feel honored to share this region with such people.


Over at the ITM comments page, Rachel, a Brit in London is Royally Pissed Off that Iraqis have decided to vote and Even More Royally Pissed Off that "Mickey Mouse brain" Yankees are actually being THANKED by the Iraqis.
The lack of sophistication displayed here by the Americans is barely credible. You guys all have Mickey Mouse brains; you really disgrace your country's education system. Iraq is not yet a democracy - it does not yet have a constitution. The "72%" turnout has been revised downwards (and was not in any sense "scientifically" measured). You, every one of you, is already discounting the neglible participation by Sunni; that is a time-bomb, if the Shia don't address it immediately.

Hey Rachel, we feel your pain.


Ladybird has voted. Do NOT mess with Ladybird!
There are people really pissed off because we Iraqis can vote and we voted and we will keep voting, look at those losers who designed buttons, posters and bumper stickers to discourage the Iraqis……………………in your faces you trolls we did it.


Zeyad at Healing Iraq, by far the coolest customer in the Iraqi Blogosphere, has voted.
The turnout in Iraq was really like nothing that I had expected. I was glued in front of tv for most of the day. My mother was in tears watching the scenes from all over the country. Iraqis had voted for peace and for a better future, despite the surrounding madness. I sincerely hope this small step would be the start of much bolder ones, and that the minority which insists on enslaving the majority of Iraqis would soon realise that all that they have accomplished till now is in vain.
I really want to write much much more but I have to run for now. I promise I will post again soon. In the mean time: Hold your head up high, Remember that you are Iraqi.

On Zeyad's comment page, Rachel, a Brit in London, showed up to start weaving a conspiracy theory about the ink on the fingers. When another commenter asked her why she didn't even congratulate Zeyad, Rachel responded:
Congratulations for what? Life for many Iraqis is still worse than it was under Saddam - electricity outages, water failure, ill-equipped hospitals, terrible terrible security situation - and this is two years after the US-led coalition invaded Iraq. The only government that will be allowed to "govern" Iraq will be a puppet, pro-Washington government.

Anyone thinks that the terrorists are going to be disheartened by today's election is deluded. And the US has only itself to thank.

Hey Rachel, did you know that Riverbend, the Doleful Dame of Baghdad, is saving a spot for you on her couch. It's a Blockbuster Night and she's showing Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will"! You can't miss that!


Ladybird got a great scoop today:



If you click HERE, Raed Jarrar will slice your head off. (Hat tip: GM at Big Pharaoh)


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