Friday, January 14, 2005

IBC Central Command Orders Operational Pause

Astoria, New York. Central Command at Iraqi Bloggers Central has ordered a four-day operational pause in blogging. The executive board will use the longish weekend to attend a family wedding at an undisclosed location. On Wednesday, January 19, blogging will resume.

While you wait for the return of the executive board, we have created a collection of links you may want to investigate.

Below you will find a wide range of interviews, articles, and some primary source material from individuals with personal experience in Iraq. Some of the interviews are audio and others are transcribed.


Reporters embedded with Coalition soldiers:

Evan Wright (audio interview), author of Generation Kill: Devil Dogs, Iceman, Captain America and the New Face of American War. The book is excellent. I read all of it -- 354 pages -- in one sitting.

Evan Wright, Nathan Fick, Josh Person (audio interview -- scroll down for this segment -- WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show). Captain Nathan Fick and Sergeant Josh Person were members of First Recon, the elite Marine battalion in which Evan Wright was embedded. They were the "tippity-tip" of the spear.

Karl Zinsmeister (transcribed interview), author of Boots on the Ground: a Month with the 82nd Airborne in the Battle for Iraq (in one section of this Zinsmeister includes a very damning critique of his journalist colleagues) and Dawn over Baghdad: How the U.S. is Using Bullets and Ballots to Remake Iraq.

Karl Zinsmeister (transcribed interview)

David Zucchino (transribed interview),, author of Thunder Run: the Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad.

Rick Atkinson, author of In the Company of Soldiers: A Chronicle of Combat.

Rick Atkinson (click on Author Audio, where he talks about his book).

Rick Atkinson (audio interview -- starts at 7:20).

John Koopman's "McCoy's Marines: Darkside toward Baghdad" (six-part article in SF Chronicle) Click on "Printable Version" for ease of reading.

John Koopman, SF Chronicle (pdf article with photographs on writing "McCoy's Marines").


Reporters embedded in Baghdad Bob's Iraq:

Jon Lee Anderson (audio interview -- NPR).

Jon Lee Anderson (audio interview -- WBUR's The Connection)

Jon Lee Anderson (transribed interview).

John F. Burns casts a cold eye of his colleagues.


Reporters out and about in Iraq:

Steven Vincent (article -- March 2004), author of In the Red Zone: A Journey into the Soul of Iraq. The best general analysis I have read so far.

Steven Vincent ("Rage against the Foreigner," an excerpt from In the Red Zone)

Steven Vincent (transribed interview by Chrenkoff).

Steven Vincent (transcribed interview at Shape of Days)

Jon Lee Anderson (audio interview), author of The Fall of Baghdad.


Iraqi Civilians in Iraq:

Salam Pax (audio interview).

Peter Maass on Salam Pax (article).

Faiza Jarrar (Iraq War Diary -- scroll all the way down to go to March 18, 2003).


Baghdad Bob embedded with Himself (Mohammed Sa'id Al-Sahaf):

Six highly entertaining interviews with Baghdad Bob. Scroll to the bottom of the first interview for links to the others.
Question15 : Amer (from France): What have you achieved by destroying the Great Iraq? You led the country into wars with Iran, Kuwait, and into this war. What have you achieved?

Al-Shahaf: (No answer because the interviewer took another call).

I guess the question was a little too blunt for the host of the program.


Have a nice weekend! See you all next Wednesday!


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