Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Husayn to Zarqawi: Die You Dirty Dog!

Husayn at Democracy in Iraq responds to the continued targeting of Iraqis by Zarqawi's crew.
I say to you al-Zarqawi you filthy dog, that YOUR fate is to die like the dog you are. You are a supporter of death and destruction, and your crimes will catch up with you. I pray every day to God that the Iraqi or American forces find you, and that you die a death fitting for an animal such as yourself.

My prayers go to all the Iraqis who have died, and who will die today, tommorow and in the future fighting these vermin. My prayers go to all the Americans and coalition soldiers and their families who have sacrificed their lives so that people from another country can live a good life.


Michael J. Totten features a photo of a cornered terrorist in Iraq, a man who had been caught trying to plant bombs under cars. Oh, or is he Khalid Jarrar's Freedom Fighter?


From a new soldier blog Armor Geddon, take a ride with tanker REDSIX during the recent operation in Fallujah:

November 8, 2004.

November 8, 2004 -- later, same day.

November 8, 2004 -- line of departure

Photo: platoon in attack position.

Photo: Red 8 in tank.

Photo: me and my Bradley wingman.

Photo: white phosphorous.

Photo: Red 8 on left flank.

November 9, 2004.

November 9, 2004 -- Fire for Effect, a MUST READ.


Sandmonkey has a nice chat with a colleague at the water-cooler.
My question to him was basically this: “Let’s assume that the January 30th democratic elections in Iraq goes without a hitch, and that a new democratically elected Iraqi government is born that would be composed of all Iraqi factions. And after that happens, and Iraq becomes relatively stable, they ask the Americans to leave and the American forces pack up and leave the country. What kind of effect do you think that would have on the average Egyptian/ Arab - who believes the Iraqi invasion to be a Zionist ploy or an American imperialist venture- when it comes to his own views concerning the U.S.? Do you think that they would actually look at a democratic Iraq and think to themselves that maybe- just maybe- they have misjudged the Americans and their intentions?”

His answer to me, simply , was: “Not a chance in hell!”

To which I asked: “why?”

His reply was: “Because of the Arab dignity issue. If this – very doubtful scenario due to the recent bombings- actually ever happens, they will make sure to strip away any kind of credit from the Americans. They would attribute the reason for which the Americans evacuated Iraq to notions of how the Iraqi resistance was kicking their asses and how they left after the elections because it was their first chance to cut and run while saving face. There is no way that the Arabs would give any credit to the Americans cause then it would conflict with their view of it as the enemy and the source of all their problems and defeats. Not to mention it would mean that the Americans were right to go into that war and that the Arabs were wrong about it, and arabs can’t have that!”

Interested in Sandmonkey's response? Check out his blog (shameless plug #3)!


Steven Vincent visits Westbury Mosque on Long Island.


Iraqi Naseer Flayih Hasan takes on the anti-war left. (Hat Tip: Steven Vincent)
I had befriended a French reporter who had begun to realize that the situation in Iraq was not how the international media or the so-called “peace camp” described it. I noticed, however, that whenever he tried to voice his doubts to colleagues, they argued that he was wrong. Soon afterwards, I met a Dutch woman on Mutinabi Street, where booksellers lay out their wares on Friday morning. I asked her how long she’d been in Iraq and, through a translator, she answered, “Three months.”

“So you were here during the war?”

“Yes!” she said. “To see the crimes of the Americans!”

I was stunned. After a moment, I replied, “What about the crimes of the regime? It killed millions of Iraqis. Do you know that if the regime was still in power, the conversation we’re having now would result in our torture or death?”

Her face turned red and she angrily responded, “Soon will come the day that the Americans will do worse.” She then went on to accuse me of not knowing what the true facts were in Iraq—and that she could see the situation better than me!


Ali at Free Iraqi notes that the terrorists are losing in Iraq.
I must say that what's happening now was expected, and I was not the only one expecting it. Most people saw that as the election came closer violence would certainly grow more and more. It's truly a critical time in the history of Iraq, the region and the whole world. The terrorists are attacking almost everyone who does not agree with them. Today they threatened to "transfer the battle to America's land".

If this should tell us anything new then it should be that the masters of these monsters are terrified as hell. They see all their efforts as not leading to the desired result; the withdrawal of American troops or at least the delaying and then the canceling of the elections.

Ladybird agrees with Ali, citing a recent poll published in Al Sabah.


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