Thursday, January 20, 2005

GM Glued to the Tube

GM at Big Pharaoh -- living in Egypt where Mubarak is going for his SIXTH consecutive and unchallenged term -- has been avidly watching the election TV ads coming out of Iraq. He describes one of his favorites.
I especially love the ads that encourage Iraqis to vote. They are very emotional. Tears filled my eyes when I saw one of them. The ad opens to an old Iraqi man walking between ruined buildings. He looks like a university dean or professor. Then a group of young men wearing ski masks and carrying guns appear from behind a building and block his path. The old man looks at them. Then a young lady (probably his daughter) comes up and stands behind the man while clutching to his arm. Then multitudes of people appear and line up behind the man in a act of defiance. The young men wearing the ski masks turn their eyes to the ground and run away. The screen cuts showing someone pulling down a poster threatening Iraqis who will vote.

Steven Vincent offers us a wide-ranging critique of the left's recent mistakes. He also points out the positive aspects of the Iraqi Communist Party:
[T]he older Iraqi Communist Party seems dedicated to a more moderate vision of social change in Iraq. In Basra, I spoke to ICP head Ali Mehdi, who told me, "We want to establish labor unions, an independent judiciary, and participate in democratic elections, where we can put forth reasonable demands--we have no interest in a 'dictatorship of the proletariat' or setting ourselves up as an alternative to the government or the police." As for capitalism, Mehdi struck a surprising note of accommodation. "Our country is in need of private enterprise and the skills and capabilities it can bring to Iraq."

No wonder an NGO official in Basra told me, "If I were the Americans and wanted to spread democracy through Iraq, I'd pour money into its Communist parties."

Don't get me wrong: personally, I find the red flag as abhorrent as the black or green. But the idea is intriguing: if the U.S. used radical Islam to hep defeat communism, why not use communism to help defeat radical Islam?


CMAR II discusses the possibility of civil war in Iraq. (Gotta love the portrait of Mr. Rogers hanging over the proceedings.)


Brian Orloff reviews the Iraqi Blogosphere.

Seeking Man-on-the-Street Views of Iraq, U.S. Reporters Turn to Bloggers.

Mr. Orloff writes:

But media looking for more from the blogger-in-the-street (or, perhaps, bloggers-hiding-under-a-bed), can consult the Web site Iraqi Bloggers Central, which provides handy links to many Iraq-based blogs.

Thanks for the mention, Brian. But "bloggers hiding under the bed"?


The Bahraini Global Soul discourses on the trimming of toenails and its international implications.


Mohammed at Iraq the Model knocks the shite out of Sarah Boxer. Folks, it ain't pretty.

Why does the Mainstream Media keep f*cking up so bad?

This is ridiculous. Where the hell are the EDITORS? Did anyone actually read Boxer's piece before it was published? Did anyone ask her even one or two of the basic questions that all of us have brought up?


Hey, do me a favor and go over to the Iraq the Model comments page and give Rachel, an Asshole in London a swift kick. We've been listening to her garbage for over a year and a half now. According to Rachel, George Bush is a "neanderthal President" and Americans are WAY more into torture than the Brits.


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