Sunday, January 02, 2005

Emigre to Iraqis: Stop the Vote!

Emigre, the Aussie Crackaa who runs Iraq Blog Count, has joined Khalid and Raed Jarrar in their STOP THE VOTE campaign. Saddam Hussein may be in a jail cell, but he can rest easy with tireless anti-election workers like Emigre manning the phones and sending out daily propaganda.

Stephen at Iraq Elections Blog offers his readers a boiled-down bitches' brew of quotes from Emigre:
… Very bad news … people’s fears … people are afraid… daily threats … I don’t want to vote based on religion … Zeyad is concerned … has been far behind in educating Iraqi voters … catastrophic consequences … tough news … elections must be postponed. … problems in Iraq cannot be solved by just by having elections … Elections will not work …no confidence … I will NOT vote … most running parties are keeping a low profile for security reasons …US dream of Cutting Iraq apart … these elections are only a door to hell. … these parties will lose a lot of ground …

Emigre responds:
I see the bad as well as the good. The world is not entirely hellish but it certainly is not heaven either.

The excerpts I chose represented a far greater range then you have chosen here. I chose excerpts I hoped might make readers curious enough to click on the link and read what the blogger had to say.

While I have a sense of humour and am able to admit shortcomings I am beggining to feel you invited me to co-author with you so that you could make fun of me and others who I respect.

Believe me, people, this is a crock of shit. Go here for her original post and you would be hard pressed to ever locate a deck of cards that has been as thoroughly stacked as that one.

Read all of her excerpts and you tell me if she has let her own personal agenda -- STOP THE VOTE! -- dictate the selection of quotes.

Emigre's attempt to portray the reality of the election is very much like Michael Moore's clips of children flying kites in Saddam Hussein's "paradise" before the war.

Emigre to Iraqis: STOP THE VOTE!



UPDATE: Well, this is truly interesting. Stephen (aka the Commissar) at Iraq Elections Blog has banned dear old Jeffrey from his blog -- won't even let me read the sucker -- because I took issue with Emigre's STOP THE VOTE campaign. Today the Commissar left this comment here:
Jeffrey, Your threats and "warnings" to Emigre strike me as bizarre and dangerous. I'm not sure if you think it's sincerely justified, or if it's just 'routine internet posturing.'

In any event, I have no wish to provide you ammunition, even indirectly, and have banned your IP address from visiting my site.

Dear Old Jeffrey responds:


Say again?

BTW, I still have Emigre on my blogroll, as is your blog.

I guess freedom of speech is only for some and not for others at Iraq Elections Blog. Okay, that's cool.

Remember the subtitle of my blog: An American -- that's me -- looks at Iraq and the Iraqi Bloggers.

Opinionated? Yes, indeed. Abrasive? Hm, sometimes.

Okay, I guess I'll have to send Sandmonkey to rough you up a bit. Ha ha. You've been warned.

Jeffrey is a BAD MAN, a VERY BAD MAN. He send Sandmonkey to fuck Stephen up. Pure Eeeeeeeeeevil.

Oh God! Please, Stephen, I beg you! Please UNBLOCK my IP! I will PERISH if I don't drink from the clear waters of your eternal spring!


Full Disclosure: I have never been "neutral" about the situation in Iraq. I want the Iraqis to have a chance at democracy. I want Iraqis to vote on January 30 as a first step down that road.

If the "objectivity" you expect from me is like that of the New York Times, then I am not objective.

The New York Times uses that tired old ideal of journalistic "objectivity" as a cloak to hide their hatchet-jobs on people they don't like. Understand, the NYTimes says they're objective and every one else is in the spin zone.

Yeaaaaah. Riiiiiiight. Listen, I'm not like that. I'm telling you straight out here that I WANT all my Iraqi friends to live in a democracy. Shocking, ain't it?


Papa Ray points out an interesting article on the relationship between Muslims and Europeans from FrontPage.


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Steven Vincent discusses the importance of the upcoming elections in Iraq.


J from Iraq Calling has just posted some great photos from his trip to see the Ziggurat of Ur. Keep scrolling down for the text that accompanies the photos.


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