Friday, January 21, 2005

Duel to the Death

Ms. Mapes, Mr. Rather, Ms. Boxer, and Mr. Cole. We are engaged in a battle royal with these folks, and we have just begun to fight.

Wretchard over at Belmont Club rocked me back in my chair with this fussilade aimed at Juan Cole.
Whatever the War on Terror is, it is a duel to the death. A glance at Juan Cole's website -- which is a reliable thermometer of Leftist temper -- is a case in point. It should be the website of a respectable academic but it's a shrine to half-forgotten causes and a casket of exorcisms against half-apprehended devils. To illustrate the right of peaceful assembly he has a photo of flag-draped military caskets being shipped home. To illustrate the the 8th Amendment he has an Abu Ghraib photo. Noonan worries about religion. So do I, coming upon a room of stubbed out and smoked ideas. As for the elections, Cole says they are a joke, and it is doubtful if any poll would persuade him otherwise.

"These elections are a joke," said Juan Cole, a professor of modern Middle East history at the University of Michigan. "The Bush administration has created the worst possible advertisement for democracy because the perception across the Middle East is that democracy means you get a country where everything is out of control," he said.

If so, he is the only one laughing, though maybe we all did once, and I forget whether that's a promise or a threat.


I no longer watch network news. I do, however, listen to a few shows on the radio and I check the internet daily. Am I alone in these choices? I don't think so.


Emigre continues to muck up Iraq Elections Blog with her shrill anti-election posts.

My first comment to one of her usual posts:
>battering an eyelid

Well, it looks like that Emigre has not only embraced political dissent but also her usual grammatical and lexical dissent.

Thank you, Emigre, but you have already “battered” my eyelid enough.

Emigre, you really knock me out. Now you’re the great Left-Bank dissident, sipping espresso along with Sartre and Simone, the latest manifesto tucked under your arm. It US against the world, baby!

He he. What a fricking joke.

And yes, I agree with Louise. Could we please find someone capable of translating Emigre’s fractured phrases? Or, better yet, perhaps Emigre could actually sign up for a writing course at the local community college. PLEASE!

Emigre responds:
Well it’s always the same old predicatable behaviour isn’t it. Whenever the weakminded can’t scrape together any argument of substance they resort to sexual innuendo and unexciting demands for a halt in phraseaic progression. Invention is the language of progression, Jeffrey.

As for coffee. So, what. Like you blog on earl grey with lemon slices? Unable to divide the world by religion Jeffrey resorts to dividing it by caffeine intake. Pitiful, Jeffrey, pitiful.

It is hard to believe that this local Aussie lass claims English as her first language when one encounters such oddities as "phraseaic progression." Anyway, my response:
>As for coffee. So, what. Like you blog on earl grey with lemon slices? Unable to divide the world by religion Jeffrey resorts to dividing it by caffeine intake. Pitiful, Jeffrey, pitiful.


The reference was to Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone De Beauvoir, two leading French intellectuals from the Fifties and Sixties in Paris. The were also trend-setters in Rive-Gauche circles, exhibiting power that one can only generate in that particular milieu (I've lived in Paris before and can vouch for both the sartorial and philosophical niceties that are exacted upon and slavishly followed by the upwardly-mobile intelligentsia on both sides of the Seine).

I have no idea why you're talking about tea.

I've come to know you over the last year. At first, I thought you were just new to writing. Now I know that you're both scribally challenged and a cretin. Unfortunately for us, you are such an idiot that you haven't even realized yet that you're an unlettered simpleton. If only you had enough intelligence to see what the rest of us see and simply SHUT UP.

Let the FLAME-WARS begin!!!


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