Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dark Shadows in Riverbend's Baathist Bat Cave

I got home late last night from a long weekend of traveling to find that Iraqi Bloggers Central had been linked in articles about Ali and Iraq the Model by both the BBC and the New York Times.

UPDATE: Man, I've been away from the internet for four days and I get home to find the BBC and NYTimes trying to get up-to-date on YESTERDAY's NEWS! Who is God's name are they trying to fool?

Anyway, we've got some bloggers like Jeff Jarvis taking them back to the toolshed and smacking their arses but good.

Jeez, you think they'd take a hint from the godawful slouching around by the likes of Mapes and Rather. Nope. Same old innuendo and hidden stiv.

I will have more to say about the articles later. Let's first take a spin around the Iraqi Blogosphere.


Husayn at Democracy in Iraq notes a few recent developments about the upcoming elections.
Iraqi authorities are moving towards making the elections more safe through various new measures that will stop the insurgents. Perhaps the most important is allowing people in certain areas to register on the day of elections. This is a fantastic idea as it makes it much harder for insurgents to threaten people. By allowing them to register when they vote, it will take them out of harms way and make it harder for the terrorists to shut down elections before they can happen. This combined with the idea of making the elections a holiday, beefing up security and restricting cars puts us in a better position than we were in earlier. I am already hearing people encouraged by these moves. All this just shows you that we are not going to be stopped. Iraqis are determined to go ahead with the elections, no matter what the cost. These terrorist scums can keep trying to stop us, but they will ultimately fail. Iraqis are too close to tasting from the cup of greatness.


Baathist in Bat-Cave Warning!!!

Could anything be more annoying than to see another post by Riverbend, the Doleful Dame of Baghdad? As usual with Riverbend, everything in her life is TERRIBLE! Nothing new there, right?

But now she would like to see a few of her fellow Baathists join her in her embraced and prolonged and unmitigated Misery at home. Why not add a few top Baathists?
A question poses it self at this point- why don't they let the scientists go if the weapons don't exist? Why do they have Iraqi scientists like Huda Ammash, Rihab Taha and Amir Al Saadi still in prison? Perhaps they are waiting for those scientists to conveniently die in prison? That way- they won't be able to talk about the various torture techniques and interrogation tactics...


Someone needs to take a large piece of wood and whack Emigre over the head. She has been leaving one inane comment after another over at the Iraq Election Diatribes.


Zeyad offers his usual sober analysis of the situation on the ground in Iraq.
The Sunnis have been acting like spoiled unhappy children when things don't go their way. They start breaking up things and threaten to mess everything up. 'Either I play or I burn down the playground,' as we say here.

The threat of civil war and factional violence is a very real one. No matter what government results from elections, Sunnis would deem it illegitimate and the violence or the 'burning down of the playground' will continue. Two Shi'ite mosques have been attacked over the last week and a representative of Sistani was assassinated. Tribal Sheikhs from the south were kidnapped from a bus in Latifiya.

Some experts say that all Iraqi factions have coexisted peacefully for centuries and that nothing is going to change that now. I disagree. The tensions and the mistrust have always been there on both sides. Saying one thing in public while holding on to a different opinion is characteristic of both sides. The last three decades of oppression by the Sunni minority have only made things worse.


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