Monday, January 10, 2005

Ali Looks Beyond the Elections

Ali at Free Iraqi asks what ought to be done AFTER the January 30 elections in Iraq.
Now it's not easy to determine the next base that should be attacked but I agree with those who said that Lebanon is the best candidate. Not Lebanon as a whole of course but Hizbollah and the Syrian army there. There are certainly many arguments against such choice, but I believe it's the best for many reasons. It would terrify Syria and Iran and distract their efforts in disrupting Iraq's march towards democracy, it would help democracy in Lebanon get rid of the influence of the Syrian Army and Hizbollah and it would give Iraq a much needed time to recover and build its infrastructure in a way that makes it not very rewarding to attack it again as the way it is now with the fragile infrastructure. The ex-Ba'athists aided by a very tiny minority of Salafis in Iraq won't be able (without huge aid from neighboring countries and Arab fighters) to stand against the Iraqi government aided by massive American power. They would most likely divide into small gangs that can be annoying but certainly not strong enough to determine a whole country's future.

Some people will say, "Are you insane? Another war, while we're not sure this one was the right thing to do?" and I think yes, another war, a limited one most likely would be the right thing to do now. Any half solutions would be as disastrous as a total withdrawal.

So yes, more troops would be very helpful for Iraq now and for a short period after the elections but in my mind the best answer to the challenges in Iraq is another strike somewhere else, somewhere near and I can't think of a better option than the south of Lebanon.


Sandmonkey is out of his cage and flinging cupped feces with deadly accuracy!
The Third and final reason has nothing with her actual running. The woman is a socialists, and I am sick and tired of socialists messing with my country. The government- with 23 cabinet- is big enough as it is, and what we need is some people who will advocate a smaller government. Another socialist running is like reshuffeling the seats on the deck of the Titanic. It may look different, it will sink just the same.

However, despite my personal dislike to the women's politics, i find myself siding with her when i heard that the egyptian Grand Mufti Dr. Ali Mohamad Juma'ah( with a number of supporters) has issued a fatwa rejecting the idea that a woman would ever be president. Why?

They say: because of her psychological nature and what she suffers from during her menstrual period. Islam clearly states that women , because of Menustration, are less reasonable , logical and religious then a man! Out of the fear that a woman is faced with a tough situation during her period, she might be compelled-because of PMS- to make a decision that may not be very sound.

Hmmmmm! How do you spell Mufti in arabic again? Wait, i know: It's M, U, full of Shit!

Naturally, since she does have some kind of a brain, she responds here and tears them all a new asshole


Ambassador Fayrouz posts a photograph today of smiling, beautiful Iraqi women. As soon as you look it, you realize just how slanted the images of Iraq offered to us by our media are. The only images we normally get are of old women in burkas who look constipated. Why?


GM at Big Pharaoh takes out his sharpest arrow, notches it, pulls the string on the bow back slowly, and then releases it. Thuuuuunk! Bullseye!!!
Recent reports coming from Iraq indicate that US soldiers lured Iraqi girls as young as 12 years old into having sex with them. They manipulated those kids by offering them American made cookies and single dollar bills. Several preteen girls reported how they were forced to have sex with the soldiers in exchange for those goodies. It is a shame that the worldwide media is not exploding these stories into the face of the Pentagon. For how long will America be shielded from the holy watchful eyes of the mass media.

What happened was so appalling and…………………………what? What? I can hear someone telling me that I’m not reporting the true story. Oh I am sorry friends. The location of the scandal is not Iraq but Congo, and the perpetrators were not US soldiers but UN peacekeepers.


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