Thursday, December 30, 2004

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Stephen and Daniel over at Iraq Elections Blog have been doing a good job clipping and posting and linking to interesting articles on the upcoming Iraqi elections.

But then today I stop by and see that Khalid Jarrar is now one of the co-authors and links to his blog entry in which he asks Iraqis NOT to vote in the upcoming elections.

People, what's wrong with this picture?

Also, should Iraq Elections Blog really be dominated by the dithering, unfocused commentary by Emigre? Emigre, make a point, try to support it, and then move on. Why all the stream-of-consciousness writing. You're not Molly at the end of Ulysses.

Iraq Elections Blog, what do you want to be? Emigre and Khalid's voicebox or a source for the latest information on the upcoming elections? Emigre hates Americans and Khalid wants to kill Americans and doesn't want Iraqis to vote. Biased? Nah.


Wretchard at Belmont Club posts another fine entry on the impact of bloggers in 2004 -- and beyond. If you're interested in the blogosphere, you must read this piece.
The blogosphere is a specific manifestation -- and by no means the only one -- of the networks made possible by the Internet which can be imperfectly compared to the emerging nervous system of a growing organism. Once the software and infrastructure to self-publish was in place, it was natural that analytical cells, or groups of cells would take inputs from other parts of the system and process them. The result was 'instant punditry', which was nothing more than the public exchange of analysis on any subject -- politics, culture and war just happened to be the three most popular. It enabled lawyers to offer opinions on law; military men on things military; scientists on things scientific. And suddenly the journalistic opinion editors found themselves at an increasing disadvantage. While individual bloggers might not have the journalistic experience of the newspaper professionals, they had the inestimable edge of being experts, sometimes the absolute authorities in their respective fields. This is exactly what happened in Memogate. People who had designed Adobe fonts and written desktop publishing programs knew the memos were computer generated and were not going to be overawed by Dan Rather's experts asserting the contrary. They were the real experts and to make an impact they did not have to be correct across a large range of issues. They only had to be right in the one thing they knew best and from that vantage could hammer a mainstream pundit into the dust. Rather's defeat at the hands of Buckhead was not accidental. It was inevitable.


Oh-oh! Big Pharaoh is going to have some competition out of Egypt now. Sandmonkey is up and running. Why the name Sandmonkey? Well, why not Sandmonkey himself explain.
Someone just left me an anonymous comment wondering if I could tell him what, exactly, is a sandmonkey.

Hmm, A truly excellent fantastic question. let me explain...

A Sandmonkey is the same thing as a Towelhead, arabiac, A-Rab, Rag, sandnegro, cameljockey, Turbanhead and-my own personal favorite- a Hasn't-Been-Laiden.

And in case you are still confused by what it means, it's a derogatory term used to describe middle-easterners. You know, when they are not in the same room with you?

Since i don't really give a damn what those people think, i figure why not own the name, u know, like how black people owned the "N" word? Made it something positive? It's the same theory. Maybe one day white people will start calling eachother "Crackaa's" and beat up anyone who is not white who calls them that. On a second thought, they really should start doing that. I can't wait till i hear my first "Crackaa Pleeeease"!

But anyway, back to the sandmonkey thing.

I dunno, i kinda like it. I think its cute and funny, and it gives out a really interesting mental image, not to mention it's really hard to come up with a "clever" name for your blog. And there can only be one pharaoh, you know?

Okay, you just gotta love Sandmonkey.

Hasn't-Been-Laiden! Ha ha!

Bookmark Sandmonkey NOW! And tell him Jeffrey from New York sent you over.

UPDATE: Read Sandmonkey's first post.
I am the son of a retired Businessman that the socialist nature of the country almost brought him to bankruptcy and my Mother is a University professor and a big shot politician among other things. I have only been back to Egypt for a couple of months and I am still suffering from the reverse culture shock that everyone kept telling me about. I knew adjusting back would be somewhat difficult, but I apparently forgot how dysfunctional everything in the egyptain society really are.

Now, what would make me so special that you would take the time to check my rantings out? Well,hmm, I am cute? I am occasionally funny? I do promise to give you people a daily dose of snark? Not enough?

Well if you really want a reason, there are the obvious ones: I offer you a view that very few people can give you: The view of a politically-connected, young, well-off, only slightly sociopathic, egyptian political junkie on everything from egyptian & middleeast politics to well, anything that captures my fancy. I promise you that you won't be bored. Maybe slightly disturbed, but never bored.


VOTE FOR SADDAM HUSSEIN or ELSE! (Hat tip: Muhannad in Oregon)


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