Saturday, December 11, 2004

"We Got Him!" Anniversary Coming Up

Kurdo reminded me that the capture of Saddam Hussein -- December 13, 2003 -- is coming up in a few days. I hope to put together a special-edition post of Iraqi Bloggers Central to celebrate the day.

Anyway, Kurdo informs us that there was a recent rumor floating on the Arabic-language forums that Saddam Hussein Himself took part in the recent fighting in Fallujah.
As we approach from the "We Got Him" day (only 3 more days), I found this Iraqi forums website with a message posted by the webmaster of the website saying that Saddam Hussein has participated in the recent Fallujah war.

The website says "The glorious leader Saddam Hussein appeared for a few minutes in Al-Nazil district amid a huge popular celeberations. He was loaded with weapons and he carried a AK47. He was shaved and had a few white lines in his hair. Then he went to meet with the Mujahidin and resistance leaders."

The webmaster claims to be from the Al-Faruq Jihadist brigades. I was waiting to read "and I woke up the next morning and said I had a nice dream". But he lead on to say how Saddam is a great man.

Then a few other forum members have posted slogans for the imprionsed dictator. They all have photos of him.


Meanwhile Dilnareen over at the Kurdistan Bloggers Union points out in no uncertain words exactly who these "insurgents" in Iraq are:
And to add to it there's talk of a civil war starting, though the ones still talking about a civil war now are the ones who have been dreaming about it since April 9. And as far I'm aware there’s only one group causing all the problems in Iraq yes the majority of this group are sunni arabs but more specifically saddamites and islamists who don't care if Iraq is wrecked as long as heir hero is in power. And if a civil war means everyone turning against them then be it.


After reading David Zucchino's LA Times article on the poor performance of his generals in ANTICIPATING every eventuality, Saddam Hussein has now started to force some of his top generals into early retirement. David Zucchino wrote:

Iraqi forces, who did not anticipate Americans would use tanks in urban combat inside the capital city, were largely unprepared for the ensuing armored onslaught. Hussein, convinced that Republican Guard units posted south of Baghdad would repel American tanks, had decided not to mine highways or blow up bridges leading into the capital, commanders said. The infrastructure was left intact so that it could be used by Iraqi forces mounting counterattacks. But entire Republican Guard divisions were ravaged, first by coalition warplanes and then by tanks approaching the capital.

"We should have mined the roads and bridges. We should have planned a guerrilla war," said retired Gen. Ahmed Rahal, 51. "We were crippled by a lack of imagination."

Iraqi military planners assumed that Americans would dare not send tanks into an urban area and did not anticipate a direct tank assault on the capital, retired Gen. Rahal said.

Several commanders said that American casualties inflicted by Somali fighters in 1993 convinced the Iraqi leadership that U.S. forces had no stomach for a prolonged urban fight — apparently overlooking the fact that the U.S. had no armor in Somalia. The Iraqi leadership prepared instead for an airborne assault on selected regime targets, building a network of defensive bunkers and trenches.

"We weren't prepared, but it didn't matter because the tank assault was so fast and sudden," said Gen. Omar Abdul Karim, 50, a regular army commander. "The Americans were able to divide and isolate our forces. Nobody had any idea what was going on until it was too late."

Saddam Hussein has announced that one of the first generals to be "retired" will be Gen. Omar Abdul Karim.

Saddam Hussein has also been very busy in his prison cell putting together what he calls his "cabinet for the next four years."

Riiiiiiiiight, Saddam.


UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis talked to Omar and Mohammed about visiting with President Bush!


BREAKING NEWS: Ms. Riverbend, the Doleful Dame of Baghdad, is still "tired in Baghdad," according to sources close to the cloistered and disgruntled Baathist.

When the Iraqi Man-on-the-Street was presented this news, he replied in Arabic the equivalent of NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!


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