Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Two Faces of Dr. Evil

Many bloggers and commenters have made note of the sometimes odd fissures in the personality of Jeffrey from New York. In a thoughtful piece of analysis entitled "Dr. Evil Restarts His War Machine," CMAR II recently attempted to explain why these disjunctions persist.
Once there was a boy named Jeffrey -- New York.

Jeffrey enjoyed posting to the comments sections of Iraq-related bloggers. His comments were strange, outrageous, and hostile. Reading them was like injecting your brain with epoxy until it congealed and then stretching it out at arms length. They also had the added nutritious value of being mostly dead-on true.

I tend to be anal retentive. But Jeffrey would never retain his anus. His anus ran about totally without retention. There was something in Jeffrey's posts to the Comments of blogs that was similiar to Raed's posts. There's definitely a maniacal quality to them. The difference is that Jeffrey's comments were from an obvious desire to see Iraq free and prosperous, and Raed is a backer of tyranny in Iraq, Iran, and wherever you find it.

Jeffrey loved everything about the Iraqi bloggers and even conversed with Raed and Khalid Jarrar via email.

He used to post at the old Cry Me A Riverbend blog. Then when the site shut down due to implied threats, and as I started this one in answer to that, Jeffrey started the Jarrars Up a River blog. Blogging changed Jeffery. His blog posts became increasingly more lucid and straightforward. People remarked that it was hard to imagine that it was truly the same person that had posted the bizarre cursing responses in the comments sections. After a short while he even changed the name of his blog in an attempt to make it less personally in the Jarrars' faces. After toying with a couple names, he settled on Iraqi Bloggers Central.

While I rest on this couch and wait for the doctor to arrive, why don't you read the rest of the story at CMAR II's blog? Fascinating subject, don't you think?


NEW KID ON THE BLOCK: Check out new Iraqi Blogger Ibn Al Rafidain. After telling us two stories about a couple of Iraqis, he writes:
Two real stories of many here in Iraq. One can not persuade people by talking to them. They prefer, unconsciously, to go through every matter to have first hand experience. This leads us back to the Iraqi people awareness.


Journalist Steven Vincent, who has written a book on his travels through Iraq called In the Red Zone, tells us why the Americans did the right thing in toppling Saddam Hussein. First, he says, we need to look at Falluja:
As we know now from embed-reporters, Marines re-taking the city discovered some 20 slaughterhouses equipped with handcuffs, shackles, bayonets and bloodstained knives—perhaps the weapons used to behead captured foreigners. U.S.officials believe the Islamofascists also tortured and murdered Fallujans in the basements of these abodes in order to terrorize residents into submission. In one house, the New York Time’s Robert Worth found an interrogation cell nestled in a stairway alcove, its walls sporting large protruding nails stained with a “dark substance.” In another, U.S. troops uncovered a metal cage, where kidnap victims may have spent their last moments. Other reports tell of black hoods, straw mats covered with blood, false walls hiding prison cells, a wheelchair used to move bound captives. G.I.s found one room containing twelve corpses stacked together; thirteen others, some without heads and limbs, littered the city.

HAT TIP: Papa Ray.


Arthur Chrenkoff reviews Steven Vincent's In the Red Zone.

Chrenkoff excerpts this amazing passage from Vincent's book:
Haider, for example, told me of acting as a translator for a German TV crew working outside Baghdad in the summer of 2003. The crew, he recounted, filmed a village trash heap, then reported , over his protests, that the smoldering compost was once 'fertile farmland destroyed by Coalition bombs'. In September, He accompanied a French photographer as she wandered through Baghdad looking for a scene that would dramatize Iraqi suffering resulting from war. Unable to find a suitable tableau, she paid an Iraqi woman to kneel in the debris of a partially demolished building and raise her arms to heaven as if imploring Allah to strike down the American infidels. 'The photographer had me ask the woman to remove her wristwatch so she wouldn't look too wealthy,' Haider related. Mohammad recalled watching an Al-Jazeera film crew pay men loitering on Saddoun Street to throw rocks and light a car on fire. 'Within a few minutes, Al-Jazeera made their own "anti-American" demonstration,' he said.

Listen, I knew the reporting was bad, but I didn't know it was THIS bad.


CMAR II tries to answer that perennial Iraqi Blogger question: Who is Riverbend?


Jeff Jarvis posts his teacher-evaluation for Professor Pondscum (aka Old Juan Cole).


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