Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Train is Leaving the Station! Get on Board!

Charles Krauthammer blows the whistle and calls out: "All Aboard!"

In 1864, 11 of the 36 states did not participate in the American presidential election. Was Lincoln's election therefore illegitimate?

In 1868, three years after the security situation had, shall we say, stabilised, three states (and not insignificant ones: Texas, Virginia and Mississippi) did not participate in the election. Was Grant's election illegitimate?

There has been much talk that if the Iraqi election is held and some Sunni Arab provinces (perhaps three of the 18) do not participate, the election will be illegitimate. Nonsense. The election should be held. It should be open to everyone. If Iraq's Sunni Arabs - barely 20% of the population - decide that they cannot abide giving up their 80 years of minority rule, which ended with 30 years of Saddam Hussein's atrocious tyranny, then tough luck. They forfeit their chance to shape and to participate in the new Iraq.


QUERY: Hey, I need some help here. I thought I heard a rumor floating around a few weeks ago about Chalabi and Muqtada Al-Sadr teaming up together. Is this at all possible? Can anyone out there give me the skinny and any links for this story?

I'm very surprised that the Arab Beatnik Raed Jarrar hasn't jumped all over that story! Man, do you remember the days when Raed couldn't decide who to deride first, Bremer or Kimmit or Chalabi!

Well, I have to say that I miss Raed's old crazy free-verse rambling rants.

Now he just posts PHOTOS. Can you believe it?

Jeez, looking at those photos just doesn't work for me. He doesn't WRITE anymore. Listen, his command of English was not good. We all know that. But even with his limited skills you could feel his devilish humor trying to break through in this second language.

We no longer hear from his INNER CRAZY ASS -- and THAT was his best part!

Oh man, it's like he's all grown-up now. This is like going back to Catcher in the Rye and finding Holden Caulfield now aged thirty-five and giving a presentation on water-treatment options in the Greater New York area!

I much prefer Raed's James Dean Teenager Period when he walked around Baghdad with his Birthday-Present Geiger Counter!

Now? I can barely tell you this. He's giving ... uh ... SLIDE-SHOW Lectures ... ffff ... to a bunch of bleeding hearts in Holland! Oh! NO!

Ah, YOUTH! How quickly you leave us!





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