Thursday, December 09, 2004

Strait is the Gate

The weeks leading up to the election in January are going to dangerous ones for Iraqis and the Coalition Forces. We hear the frustration and anxiety in the voices of the Iraqi Bloggers.

Faiza Jarrar at A Family in Baghdad writes:
Bush and the Alawwi Government are working with the most possible force to control the situation…and with all legal and illegal methods. And those who oppose them are also working with the utmost potential to keep on the confrontations and fights…by methods legal, and illegal.

And the people are in great pain and frustration.

We want peace and security.

We want reconstruction, and the vision of a new future to our children. We have had enough of this daily revolt, violence, and hatred.
Who will be able to help us??


Sam at Hammorabi writes:
We have seen in the last few days that those who are planning to kill the Iraqis and destroy their services including the worship places like Churches and Shia Mosques are able to execute their plans as if there is no one to challenge or stop them at all.


Meanwhile, Omar writes at Iraqi the Model about what he learned this last year as a blogger and how he had to modify, sometimes to a considerable extent, his initial opinions:
It was really confusing to me in the beginning that liberals would not support the change in Iraq (remember we were isolated so we didn't know much about that) even though they were against Bush, as it's over now and any humanist should (in my mind) support democracy and peace in Iraq. Besides, I've always considered myself a liberal! On the other side, I had a bad impression that many of the people on the right were fanatics and racist! How much did we learn in this year!


Over at Raed in the Middle, the Comments Pages have been wonderfully turbulent. Kender fires from the hip today with deadly accuracy:
Scared of what though?

The U.S.

If you are a radical islamic terrorist minded person then you should be scared of us.

If you aren't then you have nothing to fear.

I know this sounds bad, but not one single country in the history of the world would not defend itself when confronted with aggression. Well, maybe france. But still, my points remain.


UPDATE: I just checked out Neurotic Wife's blog. She tells us she's an Iraqi woman, recently married to an Iraqi guy who decided to go back to Iraq to help with the rebuilding of the country. NW and her husband went to Thailand for a vacation.
I think the confinement in the Green Zone, just makes you appreciate many things that we take for granted. Apart from the walking, HUBBY would me wake me up 6 in the morning everyday, so we wont miss out on anythiing. BLOODY HELL, this is a vacation not a soldier's camp. lol. I never knew HUBBY was so energetic, I guess I never knew many things about HUBBY since we never really spent enough time with each other. There are many stories to be told but I will keep it for the next posts.


Ladybird discusses homosexuality in Iraq on her blog today.


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Tomorrow evening at the Iraqi Youth Center in downtown Baghdad Raed Jarrar and Ms. Riverbend will debate whether VODKA or VALIUM provide the user with the better dislocation from reality. All ages are invited and there will be two punch bowls, one spiked liberally with a "Russian beverage" and the other offering what they are calling the "essence of somnolence."


Fayrouz reports on recent attacks on Chaldean churches in Mosul.
In the last two months, we witnessed escalated attacks and threats against the Christian minority in Mosul. Yesterday, the terrorists went further and attacked two churches in Mosul.


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