Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Osama Bin Zero

Husayn at Democracy in Iraq responds to Osama Bin Laden's latest video message:
Uncle Usama has appeared on television again, just like last time, he is concerned about elections. This time he is telling us Iraqis not to vote. This is nothing more than desperation on his part. Whatever support he may have had has slowly eroded. People are realizing that there is no real benefit to supporting or even working with Usama and his minions. I mean what will the end be if a person was to align themselves with Usama? Death, living in a cave, living in a Saudi state, or God knows what else.

Yeah, what exactly are Bin Laden and Zarqawi offering the Iraqi people?


GM at Big Pharaoh has engaged in good discussions of the AP-photo story.


This semester I taught a class of students from the former Soviet Union. A week ago I had them write a story about a time when they were very proud. Vladimir, from Ukraine, smiled as he wrote his story. Later, riding the subway home, I read his story about how proud he felt when Ukrainians stood up to years of dictatorship and forced a new round of elections. He told me that it was his proudest moment as a Ukrainian.

Marc Cooper asks why some American Leftists are upset with the march of democracy in Ukraine.


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