Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Khalid Jarrar to Iraqis: Don't Vote!

Khalid Jarrar has taken cynicism to a new level. In another attempt to aid the terrorists in Iraq, along with his brother Raed, Khalid has asked Iraqis not to vote in the upcoming elections.
if you go to vote, blame no one but yourself, just wait and see!

Better to follow the call of Bin Laden and Zarqawi and let chaos rule Iraq. That will show those Americans that NO ONE can bring democracy to an Arab region. We already know that Khalid doesn't give a shit about the Kurds. He's made that very clear in the past.

Khalid also predicts civil war. Let's follow his reasoning.
the extremest Sonna, threaten to kill everyone that will run in the elections, and probably everyone that votes.

extremest Shea threaten to kill anyone that apposes the elections, as they are a wholy religious duty, as alSistani says.

thast all what we need! in the presence of all weapons both sides have, the war is coming, really soon.

Strange. I don't recall any "extremest Shea" in the news for killing anyone who doesn't want elections. What the hell is Khalid talking about? Someone help me here.

Civil war? I don't know. Most Iraqi commentators say it's not going to happen. Well, we'll see.


Is Khalid Jarrar a Halabja-denier? It wouldn't surprise me. Fortunately, we have blogs like Kurdistan Bloggers Union to keep us informed. Hiwa responds to one Arab Halabja-denier.
I am not a professional in gasses and stuff, but I survided it by the coal we used as soon as we started coughing, but if you dont believe the HRW reports then continue your arabic translations and if you have time take your professionals and you personally go to Halabja, ask the people to direct you to where C.Ali is going to be tried at, may be you could defend him, as you seem to be a very good solicitor.
CHAK will be in contact with you soon!

Raed Jarrar would most likely say, "Hey, so what if Saddam gassed the Kurds, he was OUR LEADER!"

On the Jarrar-family business website, you will STILL find photos of Mrs. Anthrax (panel 10), Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash, and Tariq Aziz (panel 15).

Dear Kurdish friends, it makes you wonder about the Jarrars, doesn't it?


As I write this, Majid Jarrar is here in New York, snapping photos, seeing the sights, enjoying our freedom and hospitality, while back in Iraq Raed and Khalid Jarrar support the terrorists and urge the killing of our soldiers. Raed gloats every time an American is killed.

What do you think about this?


CMAR II asks a fundamental question.
What shall I call those who are ideologically committed to the failure of democracy in Iraq?

CMAR II also reviews the recent events over at Iraq the Model and l'affaire martini-cole.


I have been following Ian Buruma's writing career since the publication of his first book, Behind the Mask, an examination of Japanese society through its pop and underground culture. Today, let's ride with Mr. Buruma through present-day Amsterdam.
This is the problem. Although Theo van Gogh was Dutch and was killed by a Dutch citizen, in the end this is not just a Dutch story but a Middle Eastern one imported to the heart of Europe. Mohammed Bouyeri, and hundreds like him, have plugged into a wider world of violent Web-based rhetoric and terrorist cells. The integration of Muslims in the Netherlands has not been a greater failure than anywhere else. But the country may have been less prepared for the holy war.


Steven Vincent takes a look at the Iranian Shia coming across the border into Iraq.
One of the untold stories about Iraq are the Shia pilgrims that have poured into the country since its liberation, eager to visit sites sacred to their faith. U.S. officials have long worried that this flood of devotionalists--up to 3,000 a day, by some estimates--provided perfect cover for criminals, terrorists and Iranian agents. This Persian influx has alarmed other countries, as well: in a recent Washington Post interview, Jordan's King Abdullah warned that "one million" Iranians had crossed into Iraq. Perhaps, in part, to allay these fears, on December 22, Iran closed the border, citing "security threats" to pilgrims entering the country. But it doesn't matter now: the armies of Shia faithful have already transformed Iraqi into something no one, a few years ago, could have expected.


Mohammed at Iraq the Model pushes Khalid Jarrar and pins him against the wall.
And to remove the fog and debunk the claims about the Sunni population being against the democratic process, I want to point out that tens of the political parties come from the Sunni population. Moreover you almost can't find a single list that lacks Sunni candidates in it, even lists from She'at, Kurdis, Christian or liberal parties.


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