Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Is There Such a Creature as a "Secular Muslim"?

Some months ago now Raed Jarrar confessed on his blog that he was a "secular Muslim." I kidded him enormously about that oddly oxymoronic designation, but in truth I understood what he meant. Basically he was saying that Islam thoroughly permeates his world-view and, even though he doesn't go to mosque on Friday, he likes many of the rituals of the religion. This is all fine, of course, except that Mr. Zarqawi would love to saw mightily on Raed's "secular Muslim" head if he had the chance. "Rituals?! Who cares!" says Zarqawi. "Either submit or LOSE your effing head!"

Hm. Here's a question. Is there a place for "secular Muslims" in the Middle East?

Sarah Eltantawi, a Muslim woman living in the United States, has recently written in Dar Al Hayat:

For western Muslims born and raised in the United States, for example, harsh binaries of fixed identities do not resonate. For what is to be made of the American-born woman of Arab decent? The Anglo-American convert to Islam? The African-American Muslim? The Pakistani Christian? The agnostic Muslim living in Baghdad?

Or what about a Christian living in Iraq?. Fayrouz has kept all of us in touch with the rise in anti-Christian sentiment in Iraq. Harsh binaries again?

As a teacher, I have often given my students an assignment where they have to interview other classmates about the role of religion in their country. What many discover is that the Chinese and the Japanese reveal very little religious sentiment in their culture. That's a billion and a half people right there. How should the proselytizing religions like Christianity and Islam view all of these people "without God"?

I have no answers here. Any thoughts?




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