Sunday, December 26, 2004

Husayn Weighs In

Husayn over at Democracy in Iraq answers today the question of how Iraqis in general feel about the Americans in their country.
Now if you were to ask me what percentage of IRaqis are opposed to democracy and Americans, I would say a low percentage. I get the feeling that in the United States, the media makes it look like many Iraqis hate America and want them to leave. I do not agree, and I feel that this is not reflected on the street. These polls that give such data are probably skewed as the people they ask may be naturally guarded at being asked questions by foreigners. And I dont know how these polls are carried out. If its by phone, then that will skew results, as not all Iraqis have phones, or phone service.

I think the most accurate idea of how Iraqis feel about American soldiers is to say that they have no problem with American soldiers as long as American soldiers do what they say they are in Iraq to do. I mean to say that they do not oppose Americans as long as the Americans act as they say they will. This has been mostly true of American soldiers, they come off as professional, and only on rare occasion do they make mistakes which anger people. Mistakes do occur though, and this is one factor which drives some Iraqis to oppose Americans. People who have lost their family whether by accident or other means to American forces are naturally angered, but I do not think most Iraqis have felt this.


I'll be honest with you. I don't know what to say about Raed Jarrar anymore. Today he gloats over the suicide attack on the American and Iraqi soldiers in Mosul, prominently displaying "before and after" clips pulled from Al-Jazeera and also linking to the website of the terrorist group Army of Ansar al-Sunna. Make no mistake about it, Raed Jarrar supports the terrorists.

I hope our Iraqi friends watch out for Raed Jarrar. I have listened to the ITM brothers and Sam speak out against Raed and the other terrorist sympathizers. Let's hope our Iraqi friends remain vigilant.


GM at Big Pharaoh in Egypt has been looking at the AP-photo story the last two days. As usual, GM is succinct and forthright:
The case at hand is much more serious than the fake memos about what young George W. Bush did over 30 years ago. The case at hand has to do with the brutal killing of 2 Iraqi heroes whose only mistake was trying to organize an election in their country. This is a moral case and we, the friends of Iraq and of the troops serving there, should not let this incident pass unnoticed. Either AP has to come up with convincing answers to all our questions, or we will continue our crusade to expose AP's alleged "methods of journalism" in Iraq.


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