Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Get Yer Tickets! Khalid vs. Jeffrey!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In this corner, hailing from the FERTILE CRESCENT, drinking from both the storied TIGRIS and EUPHRATES rivers, land where Gilgamesh and Enkidu roamed, weighing in at 210 pounds, 35% body-fat, with pendulous belly and flabby arms, wearing reddish-orange trunks after the color of sandstorms in his home country, the often-defeated:


And in this corner, born and raised on the banks of the MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI, weighing a solid 190 pounds, 10% body-fat, chisled, bulked, ripped, six-pack on his stomach, shaved head, wearing black and gold trunks, the colors of his home state (Go Hawkeyes!), sporting a large tattoo across his back (Wow, folks, the entire Declaration of Indepedence!), the undefeated champion of the Blogosphere:


Okay, you two, I expect a fair fight. May the best man win.


ROUND ONE: Iraq Blog Count Comments Page


COLE DISASTER UPDATE: Why in God's name did Juan Cole put a photograph of himself on his website? Is it just me, or does Juan Cole look like someone just asking to get his ass kicked?


CMAR II takes Raed and Riverbend back to the woodshed.


Cathy's World reports on Omar and Mohammed's visit to LA.


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