Friday, December 10, 2004

Fadhil Brothers in New York City Today!

I was sitting here on Friday morning and listening to the radio -- Brian Lehrer's show on WNYC -- when he announced that his guests today would be Omar and Mohammed Fadhil, two of the three brothers behind the Iraqi blog Iraq the Model.

Here's the link to WNYC. You can listen to the show online from their website and later in the day it will be archived.

Okay, I'll let you know how it goes. I'm still waiting for them to come on the program.


I just finished listening to Brian Lehrer's 20-minute interview with Omar, Mohammed, and Jim Hake. The brothers were very articulate and blunt when Brian Lehrer tried to peddle the tired anti-war arguments and beliefs. In Brian's introduction he said, "And yes, they were FOR the war." He enunciated this as if to shock his audience. Later, Mohammed said, "We don't think it's a shame to protect your own country AND liberate 25 million people from a tyrant!" Brian switched to another question.

I'll let you know when the program has been archived and ready for a second listen.


Michael J. Totten has a great blog on the ITM brothers and their importance in a larger context.
Most people just aren’t that horrible. Whether they’re red-staters, Libyans, Iraqis, liberals, whatever, people are people.

Everyone knows this already, I know. But sometimes I get the impression when reading political blogs (and the comment section on my own blog) that liberals think neoconservatives have horns, and that heartland Republicans think Bay Area hippies have two heads, both of ‘em tattooed and pierced.


Jeff Jarvis wrote last night about meeting the Omar and Mohammed Fadhil in Washington.


UPDATE: The Lehrer interview with Omar and Mohammed and Jim Hake has been archived already.

Click here and then scroll down to the "Model Iraqis" section and hit "Listen."


Connie, if you can't get the audio, here is a link that you might try:

Kesher Talk provides more links to posts and articles on the Fadhil Brothers East Coast Road Trip.


According to Roger L. Simon, Omar and Mohammed Fadhil will be out on the West Coast for the weekend. In fact, he says they'll be visiting his house in LA:
Omar and Mohammed - two of the three brothers who constitute Iraq the Model - have apparently been getting the US reception they so richly deserve, including meetings with Wolfie and POTUS (many links here). When they come to the small gathering at my house on Sunday, it's going to be quite a come down, but I suspect we'll all have a fine time. I will write my report on here, but unfortunately I'll be shelving the D-70. The brothers are understandably not anxious to be photographed.


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