Sunday, August 08, 2004

Three Cheers for Samir!

Samir, the Iraqi-American who pulled Saddam out of his spiderhole, overcome with anger as he had the dictator in his hands, punched Saddam Hussein a couple times before the Coalition forces asked him to stop.

"I grabbed him," Samir told CNN in a recent interview. "I was like I am not going to let him go."

"I told him that if you're a real man, you should have killed yourself," he added.

At one point, Samir said the former dictator called him a traitor and a spy -- words that resulted in the once-ruthless dictator getting punched in the face.

"He made me really upset and I had to punch him. I was so angry," he said, adding that the Special Forces made him stop after a couple of blows.


Samir said the former dictator only spoke two words of English: "America, why?" -- a line Saddam said three times.

"I remember one of the forces told me to tell him, 'The reason we are here (is) because President Bush sent us to find you,'" Samir said.

"His response was, 'My shoes' -- he said in Arabic -- 'My shoes are better than you and your family.'"


Dilnareen over at Kurdistan Bloggers Union comments on the jack-in-the-box commentators working for Al-Jazeera.

Jazeera's office shut yet again

I'm not even sure anymore if that is a good sign. They're still going to continue their spew-fest whether they are in Baghdad or not. Just after they were shut down, they got an expert analyst, abdul barry ‘part-primate’ atoine (sorry its late cant think of anything more creative) . He was going on about ‘I will never accept this government and they’re not legal (fill in the blanks with degratory comments) and something about Hoshyar Zebari which I didn’t quite catch but along the lines of puppet illegal Zionist and then moving on to say that jazeera should be proud they were kicked out. I really wish someone was in studio to say ‘ hold on a minute who cares what u think, who gave u this authority anyway’. What just cos’ he owns a newspaper in London, which I’m surprised is still published judging by its low turnout and the fact that hardly anyone wants to be caught advertising in it. I am still very annoyed at why he is considered expert opinion about iraq, he’s on every channel, I think they make him live underneath those newsdesk cos he pops up on command.


According to Khalid Jarrar, Allawi is a "dirty arrogant fascist."

Khalid, I'm sad to say, has taken the side of the terrorists. The Palestinian Jarrar household contains the most cynical people one can imagine. While the majority of Iraqis pray for the destruction of the terrorists and Baathists and common criminals, the Jarrars champion these scum and pray for the destruction of Iraq.

But God is there watching, and he is greatest, he is the most merciful, and he knows the truth, and you'll see!, actions are measured by the results, as they say, lets wait and see, what are the results of this occupation, and this government, you'll watch it fall, and you will remember my words, but till then, we will keep loosing hundreds and hundreds of souls, and everyone who supported or was involved in this war, is responsible for them, in front of the history, and for ever, in front of God..

I can only say that we're fortunate that people like Omar, Ali, Mohammed, Zeyad, Firas, Sam, AYS, Alaa, and Sarmad reflect the majority of Iraqis and not the dead-ender Palestinian Jarrars.


Dr. Death is STILL featured on the Jarrar family business website!

Raed Jarrar said he was sad when Saddam Hussein was taken down because he was "OUR LEADER"!

I would like to see Samir punch Raed a few times in the head. Get in line Baathists!


UPDATE: Ladybird takes Khalid Jarrar apart. It's very interesting to have another Arabic speaker watch over Khalid's shoulder as he types..

Khalid Jarrar said quoting PM Allawi
Allawi: Iraqi citizens? Which Iraqi citizens? We are the Iraqi government, we are the Iraqi citizens, those you talk about are insurgents,…..and who is the man you just mentioned?The reporter: Aldari

Pm Allawi said more than this and Jarrar choose only the part he likes, this is exactly what PM Allawi said

Allawi: Iraqi citizens? Which Iraqi citizens? We are the Iraqi government, we are the Iraqi citizens, those you talk about are insurgents most of them are people from abroad (you can understand he don’t want to mention Iran by the name) entering Iraq illegaly.

The reporter: Aldari
(Allawi pretends he doesnt know the man, who is one of the most important characters in the Suna community,

Denying Al-Dari is a very clever move from PM Allawi. Al-Dari is the self appointed negotiator with the terrorists who kidnap people, it seems the man have access to them, their telephone numbers, their address and he knows where to find them, just makes you wonder ??

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