Monday, August 09, 2004

See Ya, Muqty!

It looks like Muqtada Al-Sadr's death wish will come true. Omar at Iraq the Model has the latest:

The chief of Najaf IP, brigadier Ghalib Al Jazaeri was interviewed by Al Sharqyia TV today and gave some important statements. Mr. Ghalib confirmed the IP control over the majority Najaf and said that Al Mahdi militia are besieged in small areas. He also said that most of them are surrendering and that among the 1200 captured till now there are 1000 from outside Najaf (Basra, Kut, Amarah, Baghdad) and 4 of them were Iranians who confessed that they have joined the Mahdi army. Those 4 were Transferred to Baghdad for “The importance of the information they have”.

BTW, I just saw film footage from Najaf. Don't they know how stupid they look dancing around with a raised AK? What a bunch of losers! Screw 'em all.


Check out Sam over at Hammorabi:

Two Disgusting Faces for One Coin!

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