Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Patched Up by Infidels, Al-Sistani Climbs on White Horse

I'll be honest with you. My nerves are frayed after months of having various Iraqi leaders screw the Coalition and now the International Forces.

In Falluja, Americans were sliced, barbecued, and hung over a bridge.

Iraqi leaders did NOTHING.

Al-Sadr spread his Madhi militia around Iraq, setting up his own Sharia courts, and terrorized many towns.

Iraqi leaders did NOTHING. In April, Iraqi leaders (including White Horse Sistani) intervened in Najaf just as the Americans were ready to take out Al-Sadr. Al-Sadr said thank you and began storing arms the very next day. More Americans died.

Al-Sadr and his Thugs go on another offensive, this time seizing the Imam Ali mosque as they fire mortars randomly into Najaf and draq the police chief's 80-year-old father through the streets.

Iraqi leaders have done NOTHING. Just more bullshite from Allawi and Sistani.

The next couple days will decide if I continue this blog or shut it down for good.

If Al-Sistani puts his arm around Al-Sadr and claims that the two of them saved the Imam Ali mosque from the Infidels, I will immediately shut this blog down, wish all my Iraqi friends good luck, and curse all of the other Iraqis who have screwed us at every turn.


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