Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Long Live Ladybird!

Ladybird, commenting over at Iraq Blog Count, writes:

Jeff-Arlington you get it wrong

There is a difference between not happy with the situation and Anti-coalition, I am not happy with the situation but I am not Anti-coalition (why not ? I will explain it very soon on my blog). I don't have any problem with both, one of the reasons that I started my blog is to discuss the situation with the opposition.

Look at the links the Jarrar's put in their blog, I speak Arabic I can tell what kind of links. This is some Examples.

"Be proud, you live in Falluja" website

This web site is the meeting point for the terrorists praising the Al-Zarqawi and Bin-Laden. describing the killings of the Iraqi ING's as holly mision, trading beheadings video clips ....etc. I even wrote about this web site in my blog.

Another example

"Al-Basrah dot net"

This web site have nothing to do with Basra city it is a pseudo name for the meeting point for Bathists, the web site is full with Saddam's photos and images and guess what ?? his speeches.

The I will have a problem and I can choose between 2 ways handel my problem.

1-I can say I don't care, let them write what they want. everybody read what they write but nobody agrees with them (kind of beat me and I will still love you effect)and that what the most people do.

2-I can start a dog-fight with anyone want to get us back to the dark time of Saddam.
Somerset Maugham once said :
If you see a slave sleeping, don't wake him up maybe he is dreaming of his freedom, and I say if you see a slave sleeping wake him up and tell a bout his freedom.

So guess what I chose??


Real debate is heuristic. It looks for points of conflict and works on them until we get some answers. Over at Iraq Blog Count, Ladybird is the first person to actually engage a Jarrar -- Khalid, to be exact -- in debate where some of the real differences between the pro-Coalition and anti-Coalition groups emerge. I know many of you out there have been waiting for this for a long time. I will keep you updated on the debate between Ladybird and Khalid. Whether they like it or not, they represent two different views of Iraq's future. Hold on to your seats, people. This could be a bumpy ride.


I almost had a heart attack when I read CBFTW's latest post. Go read it now but be warned! You may fall off your chair reading it!

I continued blogging and writing. So today I'm walking back from chow, and my Plt Sgt is outside my door waiting for me and he said, The Col. wants to see you, hurry up and go shave, I'll be back in 15 to take you down there. My heart sank. Shit. I know exactly what this one is about. Its like that feeling you get in high school when you'd fuck up, and they'd call your name over the loud speaker and tell you your presence was needed in the principles office, and you know the police are there in the principle's office waiting for you. Not good. I stepped inside my room, and my roommate was inside and he said, "Shit man! The B.C. was just here looking for you!!" Fuck. I'm dead. I felt more scared now then I did on the 5th of Nov. The Battalion Commander AND the Col wants to see me?! All of this reminds me of the classic 80's movie, Pump Up The Volume, where the main character is in high school, and who is kind of a loner, listens to punk and skates, and does that underground radio station, which nobody at his school knows about, and it gets bigger and bigger until finally he gets caught and busted.

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