Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Iraqis Respond to Attack on Christian Churches

Fayrouz warned everyone a few weeks ago about the beleagured Christians in Iraq.

Less than two weeks ago, I wrote about the mounting fears among the Christian minority in Iraq. Some people criticized me for being negative about the dark future awaiting the Iraqi Christian minority. They thought living in America doesn't make me realize what is waiting for these people in the new Iraq.

Today, my fears came true. You don't have to be a wizard to see this one coming. I have many relatives and friends who still live in Iraq. Every time we talk to them, they tell us of their fears and misery. So, no I didn't come up with my previous post from illusions in my head. It did happen this time. It will happen again. Not many people want to listen whether Iraqis or non-Iraqis. What happened today made me so angry that I want to vomit.


Khalid at Tell Me a Secret writes:

as a religious Muslim, i am very terrified, and ashamed more than i can describe, and really really sad, because of what happened to the churches in Iraq, it is the most terrible thing that can happen, the criminals who are attacking the houses of God, as we call them, should be given the maximum punishment, that is not enough at all, but i cant find the words or ideas to deal with this, i wish i can apologize to every Christian, i wish i can protect every church, but sadly i say that i can't, i cant protect the mosques or the churches, and i don't know what to do about it


Sam at Hammorabi speaks out clearly:

In Iraq we are one nation, Christians, Sabians, Muslims as Sunni & Shia, and other religions. The Churches which were hit by the barbaric thugs are not holy places for the Christians alone but they are holy places for all of the Iraqis irrespective of their religions. They are holy for being used by human being and by Iraqis our brothers and sisters. They are now holy places for every Iraqi!

Our brothers and sisters who have been killed in the attacks of the Iraqi Churches are not only Christians but Muslims as well. The Iraqi blood mixed together to tell the thugs that we are one body and the foreign bodies are them. Sooner the Iraqi body will expose and destroy them for ever.


AYS at Iraq at a Glance talks about the attacks on Christians that began after the fall of Saddam's statue.

Another crime in Iraq, and now against the Christians, a new way of violence, the terrorists now are attacking churches.. this is an evidence that those terrorists are the enemies of all human beings and not this or that branch or religion.

Christians are so oppressed since the liberation, especially in the governorates, they had to shut the liquor stores, women are forced to wear ‘hijab’ to cover their heads specially in the southern cities.. they live scary days because of those Islamic extremists, they might be killed if they don’t obey..

I don’t know why they don’t arrest thieves in AlSadr city or Alfadl neighborhood or other places that are well-known of housing the criminals if they want to ‘clean’ the society..

All they can do is to terrify the most peaceful people in Iraq, Christians.
And now they are facing the terrorists..what a life.


Alaa at Mesopotamian evaluates the situation.

The atrocity has backfired. If the intent of the criminals was to incite sectarian violence between Moslems and Christians; then they have achieved exactly the opposite. In my living memory I have never witnessed such upsurge of sympathy for the Christian community as what is happening right now. The people are really aroused now. The new Iraqi TV stations (including Al Sharqiya) are doing non-stop coverage of the event. Everybody has to proclaim his denunciation in no uncertain terms, even the hypocrites perhaps with some shy and stammering insinuations of the usual charges that perhaps it was the Americans or the Jews etc., sounding unconvinced themselves of these slanders; because even an absolute imbecile can easily guess who is behind this – and in fact, I don’t think anybody has any serious doubt about the identity of the perpetrators.

These hate creatures are beyond redemption. We can perhaps talk about dealing with the root causes of terrorism etc. etc., but this will apply to preventing future growth of the cancer, but the present cancerous cells are incurable. The only fitting solution for these is amputation.

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