Friday, August 06, 2004

AYS Addresses the Fat Stupid Man

AYS over at Iraq at a Glance makes a few remarks concerning Muqtada Al-Sadr.

What happened to make that fat stupid man appear again?

Iran and Syria.. obviously those two countries are the responsible for all of that, agitating that kid after supplying him with enough weapons to fight, as soon as his thugs run out of weapons and ammo, he gives an order to stop the fight..then a few weeks for another supplement and another fight begins and so on..

This trouble will continue if we leave Muqtada, he must be killed or arrested, and his thugs will surrender after a simple fight, I’m sure of that.


Mohammed at Iraq the Model agrees with AYS.

The Iraqi minister of internal affair said that there will be no negotiations with Muqtada Al-Sadr and I salute the Iraqi government for taking this decision.
We’ve expected this from the very beginning and we stressed more than once that people like Muqtada are not fit for a peaceful political process and they will refuse all calls for talks because they closed the road to any talk a thousand years ago.

It’s time to take serious actions against the militant groups and it’s time to end any truce with them.

The ING, supported by the multinational forces must do their job because Iraq’s safety has become an international responsibility after many regional and non-regional powers have interfered to spread chaos in Iraq and to intercept the democratic process.

These militant groups have betrayed Iraq by their collaboration with other countries to destabilize the situation in Iraq while the true sons of Iraq are working to build their country. We need discipline and order now more than ever and I believe that who commits a simple traffic violation on purpose is really harming Iraq at this stage, let alone those who carry arms to fight us. Those should not be left free to do more damage.


Riverbend, the Doleful Dame of Baghdad, after an unannounced sabbatical of nearly two months' duration, has returned to the Iraqi Blogosphere. She naturally picks up where she left off, generally blaming the Americans for all that is wrong with the world. This time she blames the Americans for the death of an aunt. "She had a stroke shortly after the war and has been deteriorating ever since," Riverbend writes. "A combination of bad security, lack of the necessary health facilities and general stress and tension finally took its toll." Those fiendish Americans!

A faint spark of optimism, however, has been recorded in Riverbend's latest entry, as delicate an operation as capturing the faint trajectory of a sub-particle like a muon as its alpha-omega millisecond lifespan plays out in the dark of a supercollider.

Raed, still writing his thesis in Amman, Jordan, warns us that his return to blogging is imminent, now just a few days away. This announcement has been received, I imagine, with mixed emotion by our readers here. Raed's silence has been welcomed by many, reducing as it did by a good number decibels the strident anti-Americanism coming from the Jarrar household.

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