Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Arab Parallel Universe Triumphs Again

Arabs are always victorious.

If an Arab is killed, he becomes a MARTYR.

If an Arab is defeated (but not killed), like Saddam Hussein, he is an ARAB CHAMPION.

And it's been several centuries since the Arabs have actually won any battle.


The Multinational Forces are getting screwed over once again by Iraqi leaders as you and I sit here at our keyboards.

I warned you yesterday that if any of the marchers are killed, the Americans will be blamed, even though it is the Mehdi militia and terrorists who are grinning and licking their chops in disbelief at their great good fortune that Sistani has herded all the sheep together in a line, making it easier to kill them and create chaos. Reports are already blaming the Americans.

The Mehdi militia has also joined the marchers to Najaf and are walking back into the city that, just a few days earlier, they had to sneak out of to save their life. They are once again being greeting by their friends inside who are still holding their AKs and claiming victory -- "Arab victory," of course.

All of that hard, dirty, block-by-block work over the last three weeks by the Mulitnational Forces, the IP, and the ING has just been tossed away by Sistani's asinine call to the marchers.

It looks like amnesty will be given to all the thugs and Muqtada Al-Sadr himself. Sistani and Al-Sadr will probably hold a joint Friday service tomorrow, now brothers who saved the mosque from the Infidels, the Great Satan.

It also looks like tomorrow will be the last day of this weblog.

If Al-Sadr walks out of this without a scratch, he becomes another Arab Champion. He will move to another city, start a new arms cache, wait for a good time to start killing more Americans.

It's very simple. If Al-Sadr walks, this weblog closes down.

Well, a few more hours and we'll see. There are some great Iraqis that I've befriended over the last year, but the majority . . . okay, I'll wait until tomorrow.

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