Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Al-Sadr's "Political Action Committee" at Work

Nothing could be more ludicrous than Allawi and the other Iraqis at the conference in Baghdad asking Al-Sadr and his Medhi Thugs to join them and become a political group. This is a colossal joke, right? Those mortars fired by Mahdi Thugs just love-letters to the assembled Iraqis? Well, folks, it's simply another day in the Arab Parallel Universe.

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - Militants had just kidnapped and dragged his ailing 80-year-old father through the streets. They also beat his brothers until they collapsed. Forty of his men were killed and several were beheaded.

It's tough being the police chief of Najaf, the Iraqi city that is sacred to millions of Shi'ites around the world and a battleground between Shi'ite militia, U.S. marines and Iraqi police and National Guard.

"They told me that I could go in the place of my father," said Ghalib al-Jezairy, a move that would have had dire consequences for a man high on the militant hit list. As the police chief spoke his father was still being held.

The stress and exhaustion shows on the face of the man who is trying to keep morale high in a police force facing thousands of supporters of firebrand cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

Many are holed up inside the sacred Imam Ali shrine in anticipation of a major U.S. offensive.

But they still have time to roam the streets, some hoping to fire AK-47 assault rifles or rocket-propelled grenades at Iraqi police officers, who say they are in dire need of more flak jackets and heavier weapons.

"What they did to my father was inhuman. He is a dying old man. They beat my brothers until they fainted," he told reporters late on Monday night, as the sound of mortars being fired could be heard in a nearby cemetery turned battle zone.


They beheaded one of his relatives and Sadr's Mehdi Army militants have gouged out the eyes of some of his officers and boiled them in hot water, he said.

"Do Iraqi police behead people?," he asked. This is barbaric. They enter people's homes and they kill the relatives of policemen."


In a related news story, Costco announced today that they have decided to enter the COFFIN MARKET. If things don't go well for Muqtada Al-Sadr and his Gang, Muqty can start ordering coffins right now online! Guaranteed delivery within 48 hours! What a wonderful thing the internet is! Think of all those martyrs, Muqty, lying in brand-new coffins!!

New coffins for the Madhi "army."


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