Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Wretchard: Effin Eff at a Rolling Donut (Gotta love that)

Omar over at Irag the Model comments on the recent IP sweep of crimials in Baghdad.

Something that worth mentioning is that when you walk in these areas you can see pro-Saddam slogans covering most of the walls and in my opinion there’s a strong relation between ordinary criminals and the “resistance” as each group serves the other’s interests; as a thief would love to see chaos spread everywhere and would make use of attacks that target the security forces because this would provide a favorable environment for his work. On the other hand, the “resistance” and their allies would like to see more crimes to prove their theory that things were better off in the past and that the change in Iraq has made things only worse. The routes through which drugs are being smuggled are most likely to be the same ones used to smuggle explosives.

This operation was accomplished with almost no casualties among the security forces and in a remarkably short time. The action was highly organized and performed in coordination with the special intelligence department in the IP, as a senior officer stated in an interview for Al-Hurra TV, he also mentioned that satellite images provided by the multinational forces made the job much easier as it helped to specify the exact locations of the suspects and prevented unnecessary casualties among IP members or civilians.


Sam at Hammorabi posts a few thoughts on the Burlgarian and Filipino hostages.

One of the two Bulgarian hostages has been killed by the terrorist group which holds him for the last few days. They threatened to kill the second hostage within 24 hours. The news came by a video broadcasted by the mouthpiece of terror Al Jazeera which said that it apologize not putting the whole video because it contains intolerable scenes.

On the same time the same thugs threatened to kill another Egyptian hostage within 72 hours or the Saudi company for which he works pay them one million dollars or pull from Iraq! The company offered 25,000 dollars. The terrorists now studying the offer!
What a fucking dirty thugs unable to differentiate between their anuses and their mouths including the Saudis who pay them money yet they are the source of the terrorism!

The Philipino hostage situation is gloomy as the Philpino government bow and bends on and off. It is not known when and where they are going to bend fully and give up willingly!


Wretchard at Belmont Club provides the context the details for the ambiguous responses of the Philippine goververment.

The subtext of Baghdad's message must certainly be 'if you expect to place
your workers here, stand fast'. This is particularly cruel to Philippine
officialdom because, despite protestations to the contrary, neither the corrupt
Philippine bureaucrats nor its equally corrupt leftist swells really care an
effin eff at a rolling donut over the fate of Angelo de la Cruz. The Left in an
unguarded moment referred to overseas workers like de la Cruz as the "toilet
bowl cleaners of the world". But what both really care about is money, the money
that overseas labor contracts bring, the kind they can deduct from overseas
workers like Angelo "toilet bowl cleaner" de la Cruz. Now that Baghdad has put
Manila on notice, it raises a danger far graver than terrorism. It imperils the
gravy train for leechlike leftist front organizations like
Migrante and bloodsucking
government institutions like


UPDATE: CBFTW at My War: Fear and Loathing in Iraq clues us in on how the military locates IEDs.

We had an IED Sweep for a mission this after noon. An IED (Improvised Exploding Device) Sweep is when we drive around town for hours until we hit an IED speed bump, or until one of us visually finds an IED along the road. No lie, that's how we find IEDs on IED Sweeps out here, we drive around until one literally blows up on us or if one of us visually finds one.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Do you guys remember Jeremy Botter's Letters from Iraq? He was one of the first soldier bloggers and he's back home now, but you can download an e-book of his Letters from Iraq at his new weblog. Very cool. Just go here for his e-book. Jeremy's unit was part of Operation Red Dawn that captured Saddam Hussein.

We heard the sound of the approaching helicopters, and in the darkness we could see the silhouettes of the Super Blackhawk choppers flying low overhead. We knew the Delta Force boys were in those choppers, and that's when the reality set in.

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