Saturday, July 10, 2004

A Vote for Al-Kerry is a Vote for Al-Qaeda

Okay, folks, put your seat-belts on! I've decided to go off-road today and attempt to maneuver through and over the bumpy and rutted terrain of American presidential politics. Listen, Kerry is probably a decent guy, even though once elected Kerry would no doubt immediately drop US trow, bend over, and let us get reamed by Kofi Annan's Dictators 'R Us club. If elected, Kerry would only have four years to weep "mea culpa" to every tin-pot despot tugging at his bunched-up shorts in the tall Space Odyssey 2001 UN Slab along the East River in Manhattan. I wouldn't like it, but we could get through it.

A Kerry win, however, would be much worse than that. If Kerry wins, the terrorists will claim VICTORY and set up a trophy as they did in Spain. If that happens, the terrorists will reason that they can turn any election they want and it will be years before the throat-slitting and car-bombing ceases. Al-Jazeera will have to set up a sister-station just to show the flood of videotapes coming in from the likes of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates. The terrorists will be stretched so thin that they'll have to hire extras, guys like Raed to wrap his head in a kaffiyeh and hold a plastic AK behind the next Victim of the Hour.

This is not fair to Kerry, of course, but that's the reality on the ground right now. A win for Al-Kerry is a win for Al-Qaeda.

Any thoughts?


YOSEMITE SAM SHOOTS A FEW HATS OFF LOONIE-LEFT HEADS: Sam at Hammorabi sniffs the air and smells a foul odor coming from Al-Jazeera and . . . oh-oh, the BBC and CNN! Take those hats off, mates, if you want to keep 'em in one piece.

Without the help of US to get rid of Saddam he may has stayed in power for hundreds of years by his sons with all his danger over the heads of all of us.

What GWB done is the right thing and it is good as far as that is going to change the Middle East into a better place for the whole world.

Nowadays one can smell the same thing which is in Al Jazeera from the BBC and the CNN!

Wow! Sam just shot Michael Moore-On's baseball cap off his head!!


MOORE-ON WATCH: Denbeste at USS Clueless has a lengthy analysis in which he likens Michael Moore to Muqtada Al-Sadr. It it well worth your time.

Moore's stuff sells very well in Europe. It is comforting for the many Europeans who fear and hate America. They've found an "honest" American who bravely and forthrightly tells "the truth" about America: that the vast majority of us are stupid, venal, unsophisticated, uneducated, provincial, oblivious, and self-absorbed.

Moore's stuff sells in Europe precisely because it seems to justify and reaffirm the prejudices many there have about Americans. It is unlikely that Moore is actually changing any minds, however. The Europeans who buy and read his books and pay to watch his films are the ones who already agree with him. They consume his material so they can laugh as he makes fun of us, and nod sagely as he explains how Big Oil and Corrupt Businesses are actually behind it all. (And the Jews. And the Saudis.)

His primary audience here in the US is exactly the same. He's preaching to the converted. Non-LL's who have gone to see his movie have concluded that it was a total crock.

Hey, has Denbeste been reading Iraqi Bloggers Central? Nah, he's just intelligent, that's all.

Another Denbeste paragraph:

Moore has planted his flag smacko in the middle of the Holy City of anti-Americanism. To defend that position, the LL's will now vocally proclaim something many have long believed but avoided admitting: they hate America and everything it stands for. That is not a message that will sell well to the broad electorate. They will proclaim that they love this nation, but... and then make clear that they despise most of the people who live in it, and despise the very features of this nation that the majority of us see as its greatest virtues. And they will poison the leftist political position even for non-loonie leftists. (Since Moore's supporters constitute a significant base of support for the Democratic Party, they're going to represent an ongoing headache for the Kerry campaign by their antics. And that will force him to continue to equivocate about his position on major issues, to avoid alienating them, and at the same time avoid alienating the broad electorate.)


A LOVE DEVINE: I fell off my chair laughing at this little masterpiece.
(Hat tip: NeonKnight over at Iraq the Model.)

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