Thursday, July 01, 2004

Saddamite 911

"The criminal is Bush."

Michael Moore, right?


Michael Moore's running mate, Saddam Hussein.

And you wondered why in Fahrenheit 9/11 Michael Moore painted a picture of a peaceful kingdom under Saddam?


Sam at Hammorabi addresses PM Allawi, urging him and his ministers to put the screws on Al-Jazeera and to outlaw "Saddam" slogans just as the Germans outlawed Nazi references after WWII.

You should put a law preventing any sloganism for the previous regime especially Saddam. You may have seen Al Jazeera reporter Atwar Bahjat (the woman with scarf) showing prepaid pro-Saddam people from Al- Adhamyiah shouting support for their master Saddam. This will go up as Atwar said she will do more in the coming time to her base in Qatar. She should be arrested immediate for investigation and given a warning if she do it again she will be held responsible.


AYS at Iraq at a Glance also objects to back-stabbing Al-Jazeera.

AlJazeera showed some people who were cursing everyone, angrily shouting and expressing their refusal to the interim government and the United States, with some usual terms of :CIA agents, stealing the oil, Jewish plans, occupation, OBL is an American plan.....blah..blah..blah.., then the reporter turned to the camera and said: ‘ as you see all Iraqis here are pessimistic’ ! ‘THANK YOU SOOO MUCH’ the announcer replied... I’m sure they have raised her salary for that ‘great’ news...
When I changed the channel to AlJazeera I thought that they would be ashamed and hopefully change their morals and behavior on this day.. But.. No use..
I wonder when will they get off our back..?

Just caught AYS's blog from a few minutes ago, giving his reaction to Saddam in court.

Just finish the trial, just finish it.. I don’t want to listen to what Saddam says, execute him and that’s it.., he’s talking as an innocent! I hit the ceiling when I heard his excuses regarding the invasion of Kuwait.. The same arrogance again.. The same evil look.. UNFORTUNATELY they broadcasted the sound too.. ‘ Kuwaitis promised to let the Iraqi women tramp in the streets and buy them with 10 Dinars.. Do you accept that? Ha? And you are an Iraqi..’ Saddam angrily said !! And never mentioned how he and his thugs insulted them..
Mass graves, suppression of Kurds and Shia uprisings, chemical weapons attacks, persecution, executions.. And many many other crimes he committed, he must die thousands times...
Execution.. He deserves the execution.... that’s it.

But AYS, according to Raed Jarrar, he is "Our Leader."

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