Saturday, July 03, 2004

More Rumblings

Omar at Iraq the Model feels the rumblings too.

The host said with apparent distress "Sir, but every single human being knows that Iraq is the victim of terrorism and fighters from all over the world are coming to fight in Iraq and they cross the borders from Syria, KSA, and Iran to get INTO Iraq, not out of it".

"See!, this is the point; the borders are open and terrorists can move freely and this is why terrorist attacks increased in KSA" replied the "expert"………………!!!.

This conversation may look funny, but it's actually not that funny because, it really happened.


Faiza has never shown any sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have lost family members to Saddam's Reign of Tyranny. To them, the trial of Saddam Hussein is their only chance to see justice in action. Many of them have waited years to see these days. And Faiza?

As for us, the Iraqis, what would change in our lives or future if we see Saddam in trial or not? If he dies, or go to prison? Would that bring back our dead??? Would it repair the damage and destruction that has befallen our lives, our country???

For many Iraqis seeing Saddam Hussein on trial in VERY important.


TRAVEL ADVISORY: Still traveling. Have some access to a computer. Stay tuned.

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