Sunday, July 18, 2004

Mohammed on the Media

Mohammed at Iraq the Model today discusses basic topics related to Iraq, the Middle East, and the media.

Our Muslim and Arab leaders are good at making their worst defeats look like great victories and they’re great experts in this field. And I see that the free world is an expert in making their great victories look like defeats and this is the reason why Arab leaders lose again and again while the free world triumphs again with less sacrifices.

The sharp criticism to each process enables you to avoid the mistakes of the previous experiments and turns errors to useful lessons, and this is great. But this time I see that the western media has went beyond the limits of objective criticism and rational pursue for truth.

The media are not displaying their view point leaving the decision making to the audience. I see that the media are pushing us to adopt their opinions and this is totally unacceptable.

The media is losing credibility among audience and this is happening so fast and it is a huge mistake.

I want to say to the media: by continuing like this you’re taking the dictators and terrorists’ side and you’re feeding their arrogance when you say "We were wrong when we went to Iraq" or "Iraq was better off before the war and Iraqis and the world are suffering because of the war" and you’re using the failure to find the Iraqi WMDs and the casualties among Iraqi civilians as a weapon in this media war.


Sam at Hammorabi gives us a history lesson about July 17, 1968.

The Iraqis in 17 July 1968 at around 6 AM wake up to listen to their radios about a new gang controlling the power. They announce that by what is called (Baiyan Rakam Wahed) or announcement number one. This time they call themselves the Revlution of the 17 of July! They haven't announced who they are because they know the people don't like them. The Iraqis hold their breath and prayed that it is not the Baathists again!

Few days later the coming back Baathists initially admitted their mistakes in 1963 and promised that it will not be repeated again.

Few days later a new cycle of terror and killing started. This was escalated when Saddam controlled power 2 weeks later on 30 July 1968. He and his half brothers and relatives betrayed and executed many of their colleagues and controlled the power.

Later he announced that the 8 Feb 1963 coupe was the pride of all the revolutions. That was the time of the National Guards in which Saddam was a member. As you can see they denounced their crimes earlier and later Saddam considered it the bride of all revolutions!


CBFTW clues us in on the jagged little pill called the Car Bomb.

Last night a car bomb was discovered along a busy freeway here in Mosul. My platoon was placed on QRF while 3rd PLT rolled out to secure the area and blow up the thing up. Car bombs are starting to become a very popular thing here in Mosul. The car bombs here in Iraq, are not like the car bombs you see in the movies, where they just blow up and the car just catches on fire. These psychopaths who are making these things have got the art of Car Bomb making down to a fucking science, where they can produce the highest amount of casualties and damage humanly possible. Its mind blowing the amount of damage one single car bomb can do. It can literally almost take out an entire city block. I've got pictures to prove it. When they blow up, they create these huge mushroom clouds of dust that can been seem miles away, and they leave a huge crater in the ground where the car used to be, cars that were around it are literally thrown up in the air and flipped over and on its back from the explosion, windows on buildings blocks and blocks way will have shattered from the concussion of the blast. Its un-fuckin real the amount of destruction these things can do.


Kurdo asks some good questions.

The Arabic satellite channel, Al-Jazeera, broadcasts anti-Iraqi messages all the time. They show terrorist people kidnapping innocents, and threatening to behead them. Why Allawi's government don't kick Al-Jazeera out ?

Al-Jazeera is violating freedom of press. Al-Jazeera is a threat to Iraq's security.
Why not stop them ?

Why should American Collin Powell condemn Al-Jazeera why not Allawi's government?


Jason at Iraq Now smashes Michael Moore repeatedly in the face with his new Children Flying Kites in Iraq Series.

"Last October another bride, 18, was dragged, resisting, into a guardhouse on one of Uday's properties, according to a maid who worked there. The maid says she saw a guard rip off the woman's white wedding dress and lock her, crying, in a bathroom. After Uday arrived, the maid heard screaming. Later she was called to clean up. The body of the woman was carried out in a military blanket, she said. There were acid burns on her left shoulder and the left side of her face. The maid found bloodstains on Uday's mattress and clumps of black hair and peeled flesh in the bedroom. A guard told her, "Don't say anything about what you see, or you and your family will be finished."

Time, May 25, 2003

This one is for you, Janice. Janice wanted Saddam and Uday and Qusay to stay in power. She could sleep easily every night knowing that Uday was raping and throwing acid on new brides.

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